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King [userpic]
RP Log: Brooklyn and King
by King (luster_eternity)
at December 21st, 2006 (07:49 pm)

Backdated to 9 December

He wasn't quite sure whether he should trust King. They were going to a shop and Brooklyn hadn't been able to get wind of his plot at the moment.

King was markedly quiet as they entered the shop, silently glancing over the selection of toys, looking almost as if he was deep in thought, plotting on what to do with his husband at night.

Brooklyn however had become even waryer at hearing King's thoughts. He had no idea how he would manage with King's ideas.

Glancing over at his husband, King merely smiled gently, turning his attention back to the toys and taking a Fleshlight in the process.

Brooklyn mentally sighed, deciding to ignore what King was doing. He'd figure it all out later.

"If there's anything you want, go ahead and buy them," King murmured softly, smiling slightly as he took a vibrator.

"I think you're doing good enough for the both of us," he said calmly.

"All right then."

His gaze flickered around, taking in the sights around him.

Smiling as the image of Brooklyn wearing one of the thongs on display popped into his mind, King gazed over at his husband, positive that the other must have saw it.

Brooklyn scowled at that, his gaze on King. "Not likely."

King laughed at that, taking one of the thongs anyway before heading towards the cashier.

He mentally sighed at that. He was not wearing a thong.

After paying for the items, King took the bag, walking over to Brooklyn and gazing at him.

"That thong for you?"

"If you can even get me to wear it in the first place."

"And you think I'll wear it," he studied King for a long moment at that.

"If I can't get you to," King murmured, one finger stroking Brooklyn's lips, "I'm sure I can find other interesting uses for it."

"Really," he mused, smiling against King's finger for a moment.

King merely smiled at that, withdrawing his finger from Brooklyn's soft lips and walking out of the shop.

Brooklyn walked beside him, scanning his husband's mind for some sort of clue to what he was going to do.

King turned, smiling at Brooklyn as he focused on him, his mind more focused on what they would be having for dinner.

Brooklyn however knew he wouldn't be as lucky after dinner as he walked silently beside King.

Reaching their home, King smiled as he gazed over at Brooklyn, "Would you rather get this over and done with or wait till after dinner?"

"I know we won't be getting out of bed if we do it before," he studied King for a moment. "You're acting as if it's a chore."

"You seem reluctant and afraid of this, that's all."

He smiled slightly at that. "I haven't done anything like this before."

"So, you're nervous, is it?" King murmured, heading into the bedroom and placing the bag on the bedside table.

"Yes," he nodded slightly. "But I'll be fine. I trust you."

King smiled at that, turning and gently kissing Brooklyn on the lips, "Thank you for that."

Brooklyn softly kissed him back in return as he held King's hand.

Gently pulling away from Brooklyn, King gazed at him, "Eating out again for dinner?"

"Can you cook?" He asked, a little curious.

"Only soup," King laughed, "And salad too, I guess."

He laughed lightly at that, studying King for a moment. "Then I'll cook."

King smiled at that, "Sure, why not?"

"Alright," he nodded, his eyes on King.

King chuckled softly, wrapping his arms around Brooklyn and gently kissing him, "I look forward to dinner then."

Brooklyn smiled lightly at that, walking beside him. "Dinner isn't for a while still."

King smiled at that, "I can't wait to taste your cooking though."

"Are you sure that's all you want to taste?"

King laughed softly, reaching to caress Brooklyn's cheek as he kissed him, "Are you trying to tempt me?"

"Maybe it's just that I know what's on your mind," he offered with a smile.

King grinned at that, reaching down and patting Brooklyn's ass, "Well then, all I ask is that you be as cooperative as possible."

Brooklyn shot him a look. "As long as it isn't in public."

"Of course not," King whispered against Brooklyn's ear, "Why should something as intimate like this be broadcast to the entire world?"

"I wouldn't know, unless that's your idea of a good time."

King smiled slightly at that, pulling away, "You don't seem to think very highly of me. I guess I shouldn't expect you to."

He smiled slightly for a moment. "Or it may be that I don't know what to expect of you."

King sighed softly at that, nodding in agreement for a moment before turning away and heading for the couch.

Brooklyn sat on the other side, silently reading a book as he sat there, touching King's mind, trying to find some idea of his plan.

King was confused as to what they should be doing, wondering if just jumping into bed without knowing each other well was what they should be doing.

"Where do you come from?" Brooklyn asked, looking at him curiously.

King raised an eyebrow at that, "Kobe, Japan."

"I see, and you have a family?"

King nodded quietly at that, "What about you?"

"Quebec, in Canada," he said, studying King for a moment.

King smiled at that, nodding slightly.

Brooklyn was almost relieved King didn't ask about his own family. He didn't want to tell his husband that as far as he knew he never had one.

King would have gone ahead and asked, except that something had told him that Brooklyn would not be comfortable with the question somehow, "How's it like there?"

"Cold," Brooklyn answered calmly at that, glancing at King.

King chuckled softly, nodding at that, "At Kobe, it's quite warm. And earthquake-prone."

He smiled slightly at that, glancing at King. "I'd rather live in the cold."

King nodded at that, chuckling softly.

Brooklyn leaned back, resting in King's arms.

King sighed softly, gently holding his husband close, "Tell me honestly, Brooklyn. What kind of person did you think I was when you first heard of the arranged marriage?"

Brooklyn smiled at that. "Actually, I had never heard of you."

King chuckled at that, murmuring softly, "I see."

Brooklyn smiled gently at that, resting against King. "Had you heard of BEGA before?"

"Yes," King nodded slightly, gazing at Brooklyn as he gently nuzzled at his husband's cheek.

"And what did you think of me, from the rumors?"

"I thought you would be a lot more difficult to get close to, for one."

"I'm not?" Brooklyn knew what King was going to say of course though he had been often berated for being anti-social.

"Not as hard as I thought," King smiled, "I was surprised when you started speaking to me during our first night."

Brooklyn smiled slightly at that as he relaxed fully against King.

King quietly held Brooklyn close, gently nuzzling at the soft ginger hair.

Brooklyn leaned against him, shutting his eyes for a moment.

King sighed as he felt Brooklyn's soft warmth against him, wondering if his husband wanted for them to continue sleeping with each other.

"You better save your energy for tonight."

King glanced over at Brooklyn at that, smiling slightly, "Sure."

He smiled in return, relaxing into King's comfortable hold.

"I know this might sound a little sudden," King whispered softly, "But do you like children?"

Brooklyn glanced up at that. "I like them but..."


"Is it even possible? Would they let us adopt?"

King smiled at that, "We'll think about it, once we're more emotionally and financially stable."

He nodded briefly, resting against King's chest.

King held his husband close, stroking Brooklyn's hair gently.

Brooklyn glanced up at him as he shut his eyes. They'd have all the time in the world tonight.

"What are you going to cook later?" King smiled, gazing at him.

"Something without meat," he murmured.

"I've figured," King chuckled at that, wrapping his arms securely around Brooklyn.

Brooklyn shut his eyes, resting his head against King's chest, holding him.

King smiled gently, kissing his husband and gazing at him, wondering if Brooklyn was going to fall asleep on him.

Gazing up he returned the kiss. "We won't be getting much sleep tonight."

He laughed at that, "You get to sleep in though, didn't you say before that you never go for practices?"

"Yes, but you do," reaching up he pulled King into a gentle kiss.

"I'll be fine," King laughed softly, "Practice isn't that tough anyway."

"That's good," he murmured, gazing at King.

King smiled at that, gazing at Brooklyn, "Don't have to worry about me so much."

Brooklyn returned the gentle smile, brushing his fingers through King's hair.

King chuckled softly, sighing as he pressed close, "Where did you buy that book anyway? The erotica that you left lying around some days back."

"A friend gave it to me."

"I see," King smiled, remembering that his friends had given him novelty toys of all sorts instead.

"Are any of those toys going to be used on me tonight?"

"They're all at home," King chuckled softly, caressing Brooklyn's lips, "Are you so eager to have them used on you?"

"I'm sure you have enough to last," he said, gazing up at King.

King smiled at that, holding Brooklyn gently, "And then when you decide to take top, I have a feeling that I'll have all of them used on me at once."

He nuzzled lightly against King at that. "Sooner or later, yes."

"Sooner or later," King murmured after his husband, smiling at him. Right now, he just wanted to focus on the task at hand, which was tonight.

Brooklyn was resting against him, smiling gently as he relaxed in King's hold.

King gently closed his eyes, nuzzling against Brooklyn, "I love you."

He smiled gently in response, pressing close to King.

King sighed softly, hugging Brooklyn close.

Brooklyn slept lightly, leaning against King as he waited anxiously for the night.

King rested against his husband, his eyes fluttering open and gazing up at the clock, smiling as he found out that they had slept till the evening.

Brooklyn silently stood in the kitchen, preparing the meal. He wasn't the greatest cook but he knew enough to get by.

King stretched lightly, entering the kitchen and smiling as he wrapped his hands around Brooklyn's waist.

Brooklyn smiled gently at that. "You're eager."

"Aren't you?" King smiled, licking lightly at Brooklyn's earlobe before releasing his husband.

"Of course," Brooklyn smiled at him. "But I'd rather eat before you jump me rather than this food going to waste."

King laughed at that, walking over to the dining table, "Yes, that's true."

Brooklyn smiled gently at that, glancing back at King for a moment.

King smiled back at his husband, quietly watching him.

Brooklyn finished his preparations as he placed the meal before King.

Smiling and nodding in gratitude to his husband, King quietly settled down, waiting for Brooklyn before beginning his meal.

Brooklyn sat down across from him, quietly eating his meal.

King gazed down at the food, digging into it, "It's really good."

"Good," Brooklyn smiled at him in return.

King smiled back at him, eating at it quietly.

Brooklyn quietly watched King during the meal, watching for any hint of his plan.

King merely smiled at him, quickly finishing up his meal and heading to wash his dishes.

"It's fine," Brooklyn said, getting up to take care of the dishes.

"It's ok," King laughed softly, concentrating on his dish and wiping it clean.

Brooklyn nodded slightly at that, wondering briefly if King was nervous. And if so, why now?

Not that King was anything near nervous, he merely had a habit of cleaning up after himself everytime, a habit that his parents had cultivated in him.

Brooklyn smiled slightly as he took care of his own dishes before leaving the kitchen.

Stretching slightly and gazing over at Brooklyn with a smile, King took him into his arms, gently pressing his lips to Brooklyn's.

Brooklyn kissed him back, returning the kiss gently as he wrapped his arms around King.

Running his hands lightly over Brooklyn's back, King pressed against his husband, kissing him eagerly.

Brooklyn kissed him back, holding King as he pressed against him. "So, what do you have planned for us tonight?"

King smiled at that, taking Brooklyn's hand and leading the way into their room, "Let's have a little change of clothes first. Don't try and bail out."

"Why?" Brooklyn gazed at him. They were just going to be stripped of anyways.

King smiled, passing a crotchless and open rear thong to Brooklyn, "Now, you know."

Brooklyn blinked at that before shaking his head. "No."

King raised an eyebrow at that, "What's the matter? I'm wearing one myself too."

Brooklyn stared at the flimsy piece of material. His pride just wouldn't let him do something like this.

Without waiting for Brooklyn, King had already gone on to strip himself, tossing his clothes onto the floor, standing in the nude before Brooklyn briefly.

His gaze flickered up for a moment, watching King as he slowly pulled his shirt off, trying to tempt his husband.

King smiled at that, his gaze moving over to Brooklyn for a moment as he slid into his own thong, his length and ass exposed to his husband.

Brooklyn laid down, having stripped off his clothing, his eyes on King, trailing over his body.

"Aren't you going to wear it?" King murmured, leaning close to his husband on the bed.

Brooklyn pulled him close, kissing him deeply. "Why would you want clothes on me?"

"Because I used my money to buy it," King chuckled, licking gently at Brooklyn's lips, "I wouldn't want it to waste away in the closet."

Brooklyn smiled slightly at that, still not ready to wound his pride by wearing the thong. Reaching down he lightly stroked King's length.

King's breathing grew louder at the slight feel of the fingers on his length, reaching down to caress Brooklyn's tip as well.

Leaning forward he kissed his husband deeply, pressing close to him, as he rubbed against him.

He pressed close to his husband, rubbing back against Brooklyn's soft warm body as he reached down, caressing Brooklyn's ass.

Brooklyn gasped lightly, feeling King against him as he shut his eyes, rubbing against his husband, holding him close.

Smiling at that, King pulled away briefly, his hand still stroking Brooklyn's cock lightly as his other free hand reached for a pair of handcuffs on the bedside table.

His eyes flickered to the cuffs, relaxing slightly and knowing what was coming. He pressed against King, deepening the kisses.

Gently pulling Brooklyn up, King held his husband's arms behind his back, securing them together.

He felt them latch as he gazed at King, smiling gently at him for a moment.

King smiled at that, caressing Brooklyn's hair as he kissed him gently, reaching down to massage his husband's cock once more.

He moaned quietly, feeling those hands touching him. "More..." he quietly pleaded to his husband.

Smiling as he squeezed harder at the hardening length, King leaned in and licked at Brooklyn's lips, nipping lightly at them.

Brooklyn returned the kisses, pressing deeply into them as he parted his lips.

His tongue slipping in between Brooklyn's lips and curling around the psychic's tongue, King sucked gently on it, pressing his lips against Brooklyn's.

His tongue pressed against King's, rubbing hard against it as he rubbed against his husband's body, a leg wrapped around his waist.

King smiled at that, stroking his husband harder till Brooklyn was hard and ready, his fingers moving quickly over the warm throbbing skin.

Brooklyn panted, his cock aching as he rubbed against his husband.

Gently running his thumb over Brooklyn's tip, King finally pulled away, kissing Brooklyn lightly as he took a Fleshlight, eyeing his husband's throbbing length closely.

Pressing up he rubbed his body against King's, melting against his form.

Pressing his husband down against the bed, King reached and stroked Brooklyn's length lightly again, finally pulling his hand away as he took the Fleshlight, gently pressing the tight toy onto his husband's tip.

His length twitched slightly at the soft tightness of the toy, pushing deeper into it, needing it.

King smiled, holding the toy and watching as his husband's entire length entered the toy, rubbing his own half-hard arousal against his husband's thigh.

Brooklyn moaned lightly, the tightness of the toy alone was enough to shoot a stroke of pleasure through his mind. Slowly he started thrusting lightly into it.

Allowing Brooklyn to thrust into the toy, King finally pressed the toy fully down on Brooklyn's length, removing his hand and leaving the toy to hold Brooklyn's cock in its soft tightness.

He panted lightly, gazing up at King for a long moment, needing more.

King smiled, holding his husband close and kissing him, rubbing his length harder against Brooklyn's thigh.

Brooklyn returned with a hard kiss of his own, his leg pressed against King's length, trying to enourage him to move.

Soft pants escaped King's lips as he ground his crotch harder against Brooklyn's leg, groaning as his hard length pressed against his husband's thigh.

He rubbed his leg over King's length pressing hard against it as he melted against King's body.

King moaned softly as Brooklyn continued rubbing against his sensitive length, panting as he finally pulled away, reaching and caressing his husband's inner thigh.

Brooklyn moaned quietly, feeling the touches as he pressed down against King's hand, mentally pleading for more.

Smiling gently, King shifted his fingers over to Brooklyn's balls, caressing them lightly before bending down to lick at them.

His soft gasps continued, pressing against King's tongue as his muscles quivered from the sustained pleasure.

King licked harder at his husband's warm and hard balls, very gently taking them between his lips and sucking lightly on it.

He shut his eyes for a moment, panting lightly as the pleasure rushed through his mind, knowing he couldn't take much more of the intense pleasure.

Stroking Brooklyn's inner thigh, King sucked harder on his husband's balls, licking lightly at them as the toy continued to hold his husband's length in the soft tight grip.

He tossed his head back slightly, gasping lightly as his muscles tensed, releasing into the toy.

Releasing Brooklyn's balls as he felt the sudden tensing of his husband's body, King panted as he reached for the toy, moving it along Brooklyn's length again, the warm soft superskin grazing lightly against the psychic's spent cock.

He panted lightly, pressing fully against King's body, rubbing against him. "I need you," he murmured.

King smiled gently at that, pressing a kiss to Brooklyn's inner thigh in reply, moving the toy forcefully over Brooklyn's length to arouse him again.

His quiet pants and gasps continued as he writhed in passion, his length hardening in response.

Holding the toy again and waiting for Brooklyn to thrust into it, King pressed his lips to his husband's balls, licking gently at them.

Slowly he started thrursting into the toy, pressing deep against its soft surface, the pleasure overwhelming.

Once more, King pressed the toy fully down on Brooklyn's hard length again, his fingers gently caressing his husband's balls.

He pressed up, kissing King deeply in response, his lips parted slightly as he pressed into King's hand.

Handling his husband's balls, King kissed his husband back, eating eagerly at his lips as his other hand stroked Brooklyn's nipples.

He wrapped a leg around King's waist, pulling him against his body as he rubbed against him, his nubs hardening at the touches.

King pressed hard against his husband, panting softly as he reached down and licked at Brooklyn's nipples, taking one of the nubs between his lips.

Arching slightly Brooklyn pressed against his lips, his thigh rubbing against King's hip, urging him onwards.

King gave a soft moan at that, gripping lightly at his husband's balls as he continued pleasuring them, stroking them gently.

Rubbing against King he claimed his husband's lips, moaning into his mouth as he wrapped his tongue around the other's.

King groaned softly, pressing against his husband's warm body as he reached for the toy, finally moving it along Brooklyn's length as his free hand massaged at the tight balls.

Brooklyn thrust lightly with the movement, moaning in return as the pain from need shot through his body.

Moving the toy quickly along his husband's length so that the warm and tight superskin stroked Brooklyn repeatedly, King kissed his husband desperately, rubbing his cock lightly against Brooklyn's thigh.

Brooklyn pressed back, pressing hard against him as he rubbed his thigh over King's length.

King panted and moaned, still stroking hard at Brooklyn's length as he squeezed his husband's balls lightly.

He pressed against King, panting as he buried against his neck, kissing over the tan skin and pressing into his hand.

Quickly stroking at Brooklyn's hard cock with the toy, King reached over for the lube, starting to squeeze some onto his fingers.

Shutting his eyes for a moment he parted his legs, waiting for King to begin.

Removing the toy, and stroking harder at Brooklyn's length, King slowly spread the lube onto his fingers, smiling at his husband as he gazed down at him.

He smiled slightly, giving a nod for King to continue.

King breathed evenly for a moment, concentrating his strokes on Brooklyn's tip for a moment, reaching over to lick his husband's balls again.

His gasps continued, shutting his eyes for a moment as he arched into King's touch.

Frowning slightly, King sighed as he finally leaned over, pressing a finger into Brooklyn's body as he continued stroking his husband's length forcefully.

Brooklyn's muscles tightened around the finger, pressing down against it as he arched into King's body.

Reaching and stroking the sensitive spot on Brooklyn's length, King slowly entered another finger into his husband's body, gently kissing him.

Brooklyn deepened the kisses as he panted, shutting his eyes for a moment as he arched into the touch.

Stretching his husband gently, King continued stroking Brooklyn's length to distract him, slowly pressing in a third finger.

His gasps of pleasure increased as he ground against King's body. "I need you," he murmured.

King nodded quietly at that, panting softly as he felt his cock rubbing against Brooklyn's warm skin, finally withdrawing his fingers from his husband's body and placing his cock at the tight entrance.

He arched slightly, feeling King's sheer closeness. He couldn't take much more of this.

Reaching for his husband and kissing him gently, King gasped softly as he slowly began to push in, groaning as the tight heat surrounded his sensitive tip.

He mentaly winced, feeling King enter his tightness as he kissed him back, the embraces deepening.

Murmuring Brooklyn's name huskily, King reached down and stroked his husband's length, distracting him as he continued pushing in, his large cock stretching the psychic's entrance wide.

His attention quickly turned to each and every one of King's touches, pressing eagerly into them as he panted, pleasure slowly overtaking his mind.

His fingers massaging forcefully at Brooklyn's length, King cried out as he pressed in, his cock sliding fully into his husabnd's tight heat.

Brooklyn gave a small gasp of pain but then was silenced, gazing up at King as he gave a sligh nod.

King smiled gently at his husband, pressing kisses to his lips as he began to move, thrusting lightly into Brooklyn's body and still keeping his touches on the other's length.

Pressing up he urged King forward, pressed against his lean body as he kissed his husband back.

Kissing Brooklyn desperately, King moved harder, thrusting forcefully into his husband's body as he sought out Brooklyn's core.

Brooklyn gave a soft cry of pleasure, feeling King hit his prostate. He kissed him back hungrily in return.

Panting loudly as he pounded in harder, King aimed to hit it again, crying out loud as he continued thrusting into his husband's tight body.

His cries of passion continued as he melted into King's body, rubbing against him in sheer pleasure.

Grunting and panting, King struck his husband's core with every thrust, each movement pushing him closer towards the edge.

Arching slightly he pressed into the thrusts, his length rubbing hard against King's hand, feeling his limit approaching.

King thrusted harder against his husband's core again, crying out loudly at the sheer pleasure coursing through his body.

Brooklyn bucked in response to every strike angled into his sensitive core, the pure pleasure and passion overwhelming his mind.

King continued stroking his husband's cock as he pounded harder into Brooklyn's body, his movements growing erratic.

Panting hard he pressed fully against King's body, rubbing against him as he released with a cry.

Gripping tightly to his husband's body, King panted loudly as he continued to thrust in, his thumb grinding against the sensitive spot on Brooklyn's length, his tip rubbing forcefully against his husband's core.

Brooklyn tossed his head back, sweat dotting his body as he felt his husband's huge cock moving inside of him.

King gritted his teeth, moaning and gasping as he thrusted harder, trying to bring his husband to orgasm once more.

Brooklyn rubbed against him in response, feeling his worn out body reacting to every single touch King rewarded with, letting his husband control him.

King panted loudly from the sheer pleasure, moaning out loud as he continued to thrust into Brooklyn's tight body, trying to hold off from releasing.

He writhed in pleasure from each movement of his husband, pressing against him, one thigh rubbing against King as the passion approached overwhelming.

King thrusted into Brooklyn with abandonment, his movements getting increasingly erratic as he cried out, not sure if he was able to hold on any longer.

He cried out in sheer pleasure, his orgasm wracking his body, the sweat coating his body.

Thrusting in fully as his cock swelled within Brooklyn's body, King screamed his release, coming forcefully into his husband's body.

Brooklyn panted, gazing up at his husband as he lay there, worn out and exhausted, though he stared at his husband with love.

Panting loudly as he slumped tiredly against his husband's body, King's eyes finally opened, moving over to Brooklyn as he smiled, kissing him gently.

Brooklyn gently returned the smile, trying to move his stiff arms, testing the strength of the handcuffs for the first time.

King laughed softly, kissing Brooklyn again as he undid the handcuffs, finally pulling out from his husband's body.

At that Brooklyn wrapped his arms around King, gazing at him as he nestled close to his husband's warmth.

Holding his husband close to him, King smiled at him, murmuring softly, "I love you."

Brooklyn smiled gently at that, resting his head against King's chest.

King smiled as he nuzzled against Brooklyn, holding him securely as he slowly drifted to sleep.