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Kai Hiwatari [userpic]
From forever and a day ago, about Tala and Kai's last fist fight.
by Kai Hiwatari (spiral_survivor)
at January 3rd, 2007 (02:34 pm)

Tala glared furiously at the one and only, Kai Hiwatari- who was currently battling with Bryan, their fellow team mate. However, the beybattle was getting out of hand- Bryan could barely hold up his defense and Kai was unleashing his full force against him. ''Kai!'' Tala shouted angrily, as he stepped up to the dish. He did not want to interfere, but it looked like he had no choice. ''Stop this! Right now!''

If Tala looked over at kai, he knew he'd see that the anger wasn't really placed on him at all. Kai was liked everyone else, a one inch leash and that Kai was breaking. Fear and despair lingered in his eyes as the energy from being inspected from his grandfather was gone as soon as he turned around and real emotions took the mask's place. "I can walk on my own," Kai snapped at the guards dragging him, and they let him go. After all, where was there to run? And both parties knew it.

"It's a battle, Tala. Back off," he snarled. It wasn't his fault that Bryan couldn't keep up, and Tala knew the rules, no mercy. If Kai let up they'd both get hell for it and Kai didn't know if he could handle another night of that. Besides all he could think of was his grandfather's face over and over and Dranzer's power flared with his anger. It would all be over soon anyway.

Tala ignored Kai- after all, he was captain, and what he said had to be respected now. He took out Wolborg, and launched his blade into the dish, promtly knocking Falborg out, as he defended his team mate's blade from the destructive force of Dranzer. He called back his wolf and stormed up to Hiwatari, his blue eyes as cold as ice, against the fiery ones. ''I told you to stop, Kai! Either you respect my authority, or I'll have Boris deal with your insolence.''

"It's a fucking battle, Tala, Captian or not, you had no right to interfere," he said, his eyes blazing. Tala had gotten on an offly high horse ever since he become captian and it was starting to really piss Kai off. Kai caught dranzer angrily, never taking his eyes off Tala as they had a stare down.

''I had every fucking right!'' The redhead swore right back, his aqua eyes narrowing dangerously. ''You're the one who had no right to take out your aggressions on Bryan- he didn't do anything to you. He was just another victim in your string of violence, lately.'' Tala stated, without any hesitance. After all, as captain, he had to be observant and understand his team's behaviors. ''You've been overly aggressive ever since your grandfather gave me role as captain.''

"It's called strength, not aggression. It's not my fault that he was going to lose. You just go on your little tangents. I'm following [i]my[/i] orders, to be as strong as I can be. What about you, Tala?" he spat, his fury rising through the roof. The animosity between the two boys was intense and the rest of the people in the room quickly found something else to do, hopefully in another room, and left the boys alone. Whenever Kai and Tala fought, no one wanted to be in the crossfire. They were quite a match for each other when they were angry.

''My orders are to keep you under control, hot-head!'' Tala was seething. He was not sure if he had every felt this angry at Kai before, in all the years that they had known each other. However, he was going to stand his ground, and see the fight through to the end, even if the other boys called for security, to seperate them, like had happened, so many times before. ''You may be strong- but that doesn't give you the right to destroy every blade in here, just to try and prove that you should be captain.''

"THAT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS," he finally yelled. His chest heaved with effort and he could hear his voice bouncing off the walls. He hadn't meant to say that, especially not that loud. It had come out before he could stop it. "I don't need this team and I certainly don't need you, someone [i]my[/i] age telling me what to fucking do. I'm a solo kind of guy, Tala, and you getting in my fucking face all the time is really starting to Piss. Me. Off," he finally finished, he didn't think he had been so mad in a long time, or at least hadn't at least let it out this forcibly in awhile. And it was true, that for years he had always been by himself, hardly ever seeing any of the others boys, training weith only Boris, then suddenly he was throw with a team and he couldn't handle it. Everything they said, did, grated on his nerves. Made him just want to...explode!

''Then FUCK OFF!'' Tala screamed back at Kai. He was sick and tired, just as well, as having to put up with Kai and his constant bullshit. ''You're only here because you're grandpa's little boy-'' Tala shot back at him, aggitated beyond belief. Kai was making his life, as well as the team's life, a living hell because every day he bitched, complained and degraded them. Tala was fed up with tolerating his outburts and hissy fits. ''Just leave, we don't want you here.''

"I would if I could, [i]ASSHOLE[/i]." The boys standing at the doorway, secretly watching, visibly flinched when Tala commented on Kai's grandpa. Everyone knew not to talk to him about his grandfather, it was the most tender part of Hiwatari you could touch. [i]That's it,[/i] he thought, and his vision got red with fury. he dropped Dranzer in his rush and punched Tala in the face as hard as he could. He didn't even care about the consquences anymore.

Tala had not expected Kai to snap. He never did. No matter how hard they pushed each other, verbally, the battles never escalated into the physical. But now...it had. Tala stumbled backwards, but he did not fall. If he had- then everyone would have thought him weak. He was not. Tala was captain for a reason. His marine eyes narrowed. They were colder than ice, as he regarded the Hiwatari, and without a second thought- he charged forward, and delivered the same painful blow to Kai's face, hooking him hard under the eye. There were so many curses he wanted to spit, but the time for words was over. They were going to settle this issue, once and for all, even through brutality.

Kai hadn't expected anything less from Tala and immediantly struck his foot out to knock Tala down (which was no easy task.) He took the breif opportunity to start wailing on him. "Hey, Kai started a fight!" Kai heard someone say and Kai knew it wouldn't be on for much longer.

Tala was no idiot- he dragged Kai down with him, even if it meant that they were going to roll around, throwing punches back and forth. He took his fair share of blows, but none of them hurt. He had endure far worst than a fist to his cheek. He could tell that they were not affecting Kai either, but the dark bruises would surface eventually as a sign of their battle. The guards came flooding in and immediately, they were pulled apart, panting and slightly bleeding.

Kai thrashed violently against the guards holding him back. He didn't hear what they were saying to him and didn't care. He was a mess and so was Tala. But he didn't care.

He froze when he realized the whole room was silent and he saw the two people he feared and hated the most in the world walked in. Everyone fell silent and still, including Kai. A stone mask fell over his face as his grandfather walked over and looked him up and down, then went over to Tala, doing the same. "Apparently you can not control your temper, grandson," he said, as though expecting and excuse, but Kai knew he didn't want one. Grandson...that was all he ever called him, like he was a nameless tool. Like it was a privlege to be even considered related...


"And apparently, Mr. Ivanov, you can not control him," he said critically.

Tala fought hard against the men, but even he knew better than to keep going, once he heard the thick training room doors open. He watched Kai freeze and instinctively, he did as well. He swallowed hard and stood absolutely still, as the old man, in charge of their lives, stopped and began to berate them, for their childish outburst. The only time Voltaire ever used his last name, was when he was disappointed and it sent chills of terror down his spine. He wanted to look away, in shame, but he knew that it would only get him smacked. And so instead, he regarded the man with stern, unphased eyes and hoped that it would be enough to save his skin from further marring.

"Perhaps you need to become stronger, hm? They say what does not kill you makes you stronger," he said and smiled coldly. That was easily translated by anyone in the room.

He slowly turned back to Kai, although it sounded as though he was still talking to Tala. "And since my grandson seems to want special treatment...perhaps I shall give that to him," then he turned to Kai, speaking to him this time, taking his chin in his hand. "Since you seem to despise teams, maybe you feel you will learn more in solitary for a few days, hm?" he asked.

Kai was rigid. He wasn't sure if he could handle more days of pure torture. He already knew what was waiting for him and it made him scared, it truly, deeply did. "Answer me, boy!" he shouted, slapping Kai across the face, the aftermath sting lingering

"I do what you tell me to do, grandfather. You know best," he recited from years of experience. He felt humilated and shamed and defeated.

"Good. Guards take Tala to the designated cell. My grandson will be coming with me," he said and left the room, the guards following orders with no hesitation. Such attention from his grandfather was rare and unwanted. Kai knew he was in for it.