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King [userpic]
RP Log: Brooklyn and King
by King (luster_eternity)
at January 12th, 2007 (08:04 pm)


Brooklyn was sitting quietly, his gaze on a book in his hand as he read. He figured mostly that no one knew where he was. It hadn't occured to him that he could be wrong.

King sighed as he sat quietly beside his husband, glancing around at all the shelves of books. It wasn't that he disliked the library, he loved it. He had even found a book to read, but he just didn't have the attention span to read one from start to end, unlike Brooklyn. He glanced over at his husband for a long while, a smile spreading over his lips as an idea popped into his mind, reaching over and placing his hand against Brooklyn's crotch.

"King..." Brooklyn began, a little flustered at his sudden attention.

"Yes?" King murmured, keeping his voice down as he gently shifted his seat closer to Brooklyn's, his fingers starting to massage at Brooklyn's crotch, "What is it?"

"What are you doing?" He turned his gaze falling on his husband, struggling to keep down the blush.

"Oh, nothing," King let a slight smile pass over his lips, starting to unbutton and unzip Brooklyn's pants, his fingers reaching in and pressing against his husband's clothed cock, "You're so cute when you blush."

"King," he hissed quietly. "We're in public." He couldn't believe his husband was doing this, in a library of all places.

"No one will notice," King whispered in reassurance, already reaching in to stroke Brooklyn's length, his fingers working the rough fabric of Brooklyn's boxers against his cock. "It's quiet, too quiet, and no one's come here ever since we did."

Brooklyn released a soft moan at that before biting down, hoping to silence it.

King smiled, gently kissing his husband as his fingers pulled the waistband down, gently easing Brooklyn's length out. Sliding off his chair and down Brooklyn's body, he kissed Brooklyn's soft tip, parting his lips and licking at the thin slit on the tip.

"King..." he whimpered, gazing down at him. They were going to get caught.

Gazing up at Brooklyn to reassure him, King continued licking at the thin slit, finally taking Brooklyn's whole tip into his mouth, sucking and caressing it.

His hands clenched slightly to the sides of the chair, panting lightly in pleasure.

His tongue traced lightly over the ridge between Brooklyn's tip and shaft, pressing against the sensitive spot as he gazed up at Brooklyn, watching his reaction.

His gasps grew slightly louder, tossing his head to the side as his hardened cock slowly began to drip.

King smiled, amazed at how responsive Brooklyn was this time round. Removing his mouth first and stroking Brooklyn's cock lightly, King took his husband fully in again, gently moving his mouth along the hard length.

Brooklyn panted at that, pressing up slightly into King's mouth. "More... he gasped quietly.

King smiled, obeying his husband as he moved faster along the length, moaning softly as he moved down fully on Brooklyn's cock, his fingers caressing his lover's balls.

Brooklyn shut his eyes, thrusting into King's mouth as he held King close, his fingers clenching in his hair.

King licked and sucked harder on Brooklyn's length, feeling the psychic's hard and heavy balls, gently massaging and squeezing them as he received Brooklyn's thrusts with glee, obviously enjoying himself.

His cries of pleasure were whispered as he tossed his head slightly, his thrusts growing slightly harder.

King moved harder along Brooklyn's cock, his inner mouth rubbing and squeezing the shaft, his tongue flicking along the underside of his husband's length.

Thrusting slightly into his mouth Brooklyn's pace picked up slightly with a groan.

King smiled, easily relaxing his gag reflex, letting Brooklyn thrust freely into his mouth and pulling back just to avoid having Brooklyn's tip hitting the back of his throat.

Brooklyn continued thrusting into his mouth, moaning lightly in pleasure as he pressed close to King.

Finally pulling his mouth away and taking only Brooklyn's tip between his lips, King's tongue gently flicked over the slit, tasting his husband's precum while squeezing Brooklyn's shaft and balls with his hands.

"King..." he pleaded with him. He couldn't take this much longer.

Mentally reassuring his husband and urging him to come, King readied himself, still pleasuring Brooklyn's tip as he waited, his fingers massaging his husband lightly.

Brooklyn panted hard, feeling his release build before he came into King's mouth.

Eagerly swallowing his husband's release, King slowly licked Brooklyn clean, replacing his soft cock into Brooklyn's pants. Smiling over at Brooklyn and panting softly, King sat uncomfortably on the seat, one hand stroking his bulging crotch.

Brooklyn panted as he stared at him. "Are you nuts?"

"Yes," King chuckled, "And very horny too, unfortunately."

He raised an eyebrow at that. "Let's get out of here then. I'm not letting you screw me in the library," his cheeks were still burning.

King gave a slight smile, reaching over and kissing Brooklyn, "You're blushing again."

"Well what do you expect?" He asked. "You just gave me a blowjob in a library."

King laughed softly, gently licking at Brooklyn's cheek and feeling the heated skin under his tongue, "So, where do you suggest we go?"

"Home?" Brooklyn asked, a little hopeful that King would agree.

King smiled, nodding slightly and wincing as he got up, his sensitive length brushing against the cloth, "Home."

Brooklyn gave a thankful look at that.

"Let's get moving," King whispered, soft pants and moans escaping his lips as he took Brooklyn's hand, starting to move back home. He just wanted to get home as soon as possible and make love to his husband again.

Brooklyn walked beside him, hearing the noises King was making. He was sure he was in for a long night.

Trying to suppress his gasps and moans, King bit lightly on his lip, starting to blush lightly as well. As soon as they finally stepped into their house, he quickly locked the door, pouncing on Brooklyn.

Brooklyn hardly had time to react, kissing him back lightly in response.

King moaned loudly into Brooklyn's ear, kissing him fiercely and tearing off his husband's clothes, rubbing his hard arousal desperately against Brooklyn's thigh.

Brooklyn panted heavily, pressing back as he laid down on the bed.

Reaching down and grabbing Brooklyn's cock, King squeezed and massaged it forcefully, rubbing his knee to Brooklyn's crotch as he eagerly pulled off his own clothes, pressing kisses to Brooklyn's smooth soft body.

Brooklyn pulled him close, kissing him back as his erection quickly made a comeback.

He smiled at that, panting loudly and stroking his husband's cock lightly, kissing Brooklyn's nipples as he rubbed his aching cock against Brooklyn's butt crack.

Brooklyn eagerly offered him his body, his hands wandering over King's. "Take me..."

"Brooklyn," King whispered, his hands rubbing fully over Brooklyn's body as he reached for the lube on the table, coating his fingers with it, "I will!"

He eagerly parted his legs for King as he panted, relaxing as he gazed up at him with lust filled eyes.

Reaching between Brooklyn's legs, King pressed a finger to the tight ring of muscles, gently massaging it, his other hand stroking his husband's cock.

He panted lightly, relaxing his body as he shut his eyes, relishing the feel of the strokes on his length.

Making sure that Brooklyn was ready, King slowly began pressing a finger into his husband's body, gently stretching him. After a while, he pushed a second finger through the tight entrance, stretching the muscles.

He licked his lips for a moment, shutting his eyes as he waited for King's last finger.

He gently pressed in the third finger, stretching Brooklyn fully before withdrawing them, panting as he grasped Brooklyn's thighs, pulling his husband's legs further apart and placing his tip against Brooklyn's entrance. He couldn't wait anymore, the heat from Brooklyn's body was driving him mad.

He gazed up for a long moment. "Take me..." he murmured.

King smiled, pressing kisses to Brooklyn's lips and sharing his husband's impatience. He kept his strokes on Brooklyn's cock, moaning out loud as he started pushing into his husband's tight body, crying out at the sheer tightness around his aching length.

He clutched to King, panting as he pressed against him. "Move..."

Obeying his husband immediately, King cried out as he began to thrust, his hard cock stroking in and out of Brooklyn's tight entrance.

He moaned into King's mouth, holding him close. Leaning forward his hips moved into each thrust.

King cried and gasped, his fingers grinding against the hot flesh of Brooklyn's erection, his thrusts growing faster and more forceful.

He thrusted his tongue into King's mouth, licking at his inner mouth.

Kissing Brooklyn back eagerly, King pounded harder into Brooklyn's body, his thrusts growing erratic.

His hips jerked upwards in response, crying out as he felt King fill him.

King cried and panted, aiming to hit his husband's core. He wasn't sure if he could last any longer.

Pleasure wracked his body as Brooklyn cried out, not able to take much more.

King gritted his teeth, thrusting harder into Brooklyn's body, hitting Brooklyn's core over and over.

Brooklyn tossed his head back with a groan, releasing into King's hand.

King screamed out as he thrusted fully in, feeling Brooklyn tighten even more around him as he released fully into his husband's sheer tightness.

He moaned at that, melting against King's body as he panted hard.

King panted loudly, slowly pulling out from Brooklyn's body as he smiled, kissing him gently.

Glancing up wearily Brooklyn returned the kiss, curling against King's form.

King smiled, reaching over and caressing Brooklyn's cheek, "You're so irresistible."

"And you're incorrigible," he said with a smile.

He laughed at that, kissing Brooklyn lightly, "Are you mad at what I did?"

"How could I be mad at you?" He asked with a smile at his husband.

King smiled, gently pulling the covers over their bodies, "Well, if you want to set any boundaries regarding locations, now's the time to do it."

"Not in public," he murmured, pressing against King's warm form.

King smiled, nodding at that, "Understood."

At that Brooklyn shut his eyes, nestled against King's warm form.

King gently smiled, holding his husband close and drifting to sleep as well.