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RP Log: Brooklyn and King
by King (luster_eternity)
at February 11th, 2007 (08:33 pm)

Backdated to 8th February

Having decided to accompany his husband on a walk through the stores to look for breakfast, King gazed over at the wide selection of biscuits, bread and other foodstuffs as he made his way around with Brooklyn. Though it was morning, there weren't many people on the streets, which made it easier to take their time and look around before deciding on what to have for breakfast.

Brooklyn walked quietly, sighing briefly as he glanced around. Silently he wondered what was going on in King's mind as he watched him.

"Seen anything you like yet?" King murmured, still glancing through the stores. He stopped for a moment, his gaze landing on a box of cookies, a slow smile spreading over his lips. He remembered that particular kind of cookies, how he had offered them to a boy so long back.

He smiled slightly at that. "No... not too much so far."

King smiled with a nod, walking over and purchasing a box of the cookies, his mind rerunning that day when he had protected the kid from the bigger bullies, only to be scolded by Queen and his mother because not only had he given his cookies to the boy, he had even given him his best scarf and new gloves.

Brooklyn glanced over, smiling briefly at his husband. "What are you thinking?"

King chuckled softly, smiling over at Brooklyn, "The cookies just reminded me of something that happened when I was a kid. While Queen and Mom went back into the house, I chose to remain outside just to play with snow and stuff. I saw this kid that was being pushed and prodded by this whole bunch of hooligans and they kept teasing him for having old and torn clothes."

Brooklyn smiled slightly at that. "Poor child."

King nodded quietly in agreement, "I chased the bullies away with a couple of snowballs though and I went to check if the kid was fine. I still remember that he was shivering. He didn't have a single piece of warm clothing on him."

Brooklyn smiled slightly at that. His own memory of his childhood to recall anything.

"I gave him my box of cookies to cheer him up," King murmured softly, "And he just took the box and started eating. He just looked so hungry."

Brooklyn lightly laughed. "He must have been homeless."

"I think you're right," King nodded slightly, sighing softly, "He just looked so lonely, and he was still shivering. So, I took off my scarf and gloves and placed it by his side. I'm not sure if he saw them and took them though, I really hope he did."

Brooklyn sighed slighty at that. "I'm sure he did."

King smiled at that, frowning lightly as he remembered what came after it, "I think I said something strange to him later though. My mom was calling for me to return, so I said to the kid, I'll make you my bride, just you wait. Why I said that, I can't recall. Maybe because I was barely 5 and didn't really understand what it meant..."

Brooklyn laughed lightly at that.

King glanced over at Brooklyn, "And when I went back, my mother scolded me for 'losing' my scarf and gloves. Queen was angry because now she had to share her cookies with me. The kind of treatment I get after being kind to someone, you'd think they would praise you, but no."

"I take it your family never gave to the homeless."

King laughed, "No, I was just a really naughty kid back then, so my mom didn't really believe every single word I said. She seemed more inclined to believe that I lost them in the snow while horsing around. I'm miffed really."

He smiled in return, glancing over at King. "You did a good thing."

King smiled gently, gazing over at Brooklyn as well, "Thanks, I guess I just felt like I had to do something back then."

Brooklyn reached over, taking his hand.

King chuckled lightly, "So, what are you having for breakfast?"

Brooklyn glanced around for a moment. "I'm not quite sure." He really wanted to hear more about this homeless boy.

King laughed softly, nodding at that, "Shall we go walk around a bit more then? I'm sure there's a couple more stores round that corner."

"Sure," he nodded briefly, reaching down for King's hand.

King held his husband's hand tightly, walking on towards the other stores, his mind on the homeless boy again. He couldn't help but wonder if he was doing fine now.

"I'm sure he is," Brooklyn said, pulling the worry from his husband's mind.

King smiled at that, nodding slightly with a sigh, "Yeah, I hope he is." He could barely remember how the little boy looked like before. Even if he wanted to look for him, it would be an impossible task.

"If you want I could try to search your memories."

King glanced up at that, smiling as he shook his head, "It's not necessary."

"Alright," he murmured, gently squeezing King's hand.

King smiled at that, glancing through the stores again. Of course, if Brooklyn wanted to search his memories anyway, he didn't mind.

Gently he kissed King's cheek, wondering briefly how he would react if he did know the identity of the child.

King smiled as he felt the gentle kiss, turning and pressing his lips to Brooklyn's.

Brooklyn smiled in return, holding King's hand.

Lightly threading his fingers through Brooklyn's, King held that soft warm hand, leading the way through the stores and waiting till his husband found something that he liked.

Brooklyn finally picked out some food, nodding to King to tell him he was ready.

King smiled, "Shall we go back home or just head to the park?"

"We might; as well head home," he said, glancing around at the chilly outdoors.

Nodding at that, King led the way back, making his way easily through the winding lanes, finally reaching their home.

Brooklyn took his hand as he stepped inside, smiling gently at King.

King returned the smile, still holding Brooklyn's hand as he walked over to the couch, sitting down on it and opening the box of cookies, reminded once more of the little boy.

Sitting down he glanced at the cookies for a moment, studying them.

They were simple butter cookies, baked in various shapes ranging from squares to circles. King gave a small wistful smile, once more thinking about the little boy as a he popped one into his mouth.

Brooklyn smiled slightly at him, silently eating his own breakfast.

King quietly finished the box of cookies, sighing slightly as he smiled at Brooklyn, getting up to dispose of the box.

"What would you do if you knew who it was?"

"I don't know," King smiled, lightly shaking his head. "The world is such a huge place. Even if I wanted to look for him, I have no leads to start from."

Brooklyn watched him, wondering at his husband's devotion to this child from years ago. Would he leave him for this child?

King smiled slightly, walking over and sitting next to Brooklyn, "Are you jealous that I'm so concerned about the kid?"

"Why would I be jealous of a child that you would never be able to remember in the first place?"

King chuckled softly at that, his gaze lowering slightly, "You're right. I won't be able to remember him."

Though Brooklyn was still worried, and to tell the truth, a little jealous of King's attention.

King gave a slight frown, trying to remember anything, anything at all, about the boy. He sighed as he lightly shook his head, unable to think of anything.

Brooklyn watched him, not liking King's sudden fascination at all.

King gave a slight smile, able to feel Brooklyn's slight unhappiness. He had to stop this or else his husband would get mad at him.

Brooklyn returned to his meal, glancing away from King.

King's smile died away, watching as Brooklyn gazed away from him. Was it a bad thing to want to find out what happened to the boy?

"Just forget about it," he said.

King gazed down, nodding quietly as he finally got up, returning to the room.

"If he even survived he's probably still living in the gutter or a prison cell."

King kept his gaze low, "You offered to try and search my memories. Will you do it?"

"If that's what you really want."

King nodded slightly, sitting down on the couch next to Brooklyn again, "Yes, this is what I want."

Brooklyn mentally reached out for King's mind, searching his old memories.

King kept his gaze low, letting Brooklyn search through his mind. He knew he shouldn't be forcing Brooklyn to do this, and that Brooklyn was probably going to remain angry with him for a very long time, but one part of him just kept insisting on knowing how that boy was right now.

Brooklyn found the part of his memory and silently searched through it, taking in the sight of the small boy.

King waited anxiously, wondering if Brooklyn had found that particular piece of memory.

He sighed, finally showing it to King.

King glanced up for a moment, replaying that piece of memory within his mind again. The boy, gazing at him curiously as he took off his gloves and scarfs, placing it by his side. The boy, with his soft teal eyes and bright ginger hair.
He froze for a moment, his gaze meeting Brooklyn for a long while.

Silently Brooklyn sat there, it was possible, but he couldn't remember it to verify it.

King reached out, gently grasping Brooklyn's arm, "It's...you...?"

"I can't remember that far back," he murmured as he turned back to look out the window.

"Oh," King whispered half in disappointment. He wasn't surprised though, after all he hadn't remembered very much about this incident either, and needed Brooklyn's help in recalling further.

"I can only remember as far back as to when I was ten."

King smiled slightly, "I understand, thank you for helping me though."

Brooklyn glanced away at that. "I can show you what I do remember."

King glanced up at that for a moment, "If you really want to."

Brooklyn reached out to his mind, letting his own memories play as the small boy wandered the streets in the middle of winter. He stumbled, starving and hurt. His hand were black from frostbite.

King's eyes widened with shock as the images assaulted his mind, watching Brooklyn's predicament as a child. Tears slowly welled up within his eyes, suddenly feeling like a selfish fool.

As his memory played out Boris appeared behind him, trying to calm the child however Brooklyn couldn't understand a word he said as he yelled at the owner of Biovolt in French.

King kept his gaze lower, feeling more and more depressed as the memories played on.

Finally Boris managed to convince him to go with him, dragging the boy away from what he knew. Brooklyn pulled out of King's mind, glancing at him.

The tears slowly streamed down his cheeks, feeling upset that he was powerless to change anything in Brooklyn's past.

"Don't pity me," he said calmly. "I'd rather not show you the rest, too gruesome."

King gazed up in horror at that, wondering what on earth Brooklyn could mean by that.

He silently pulled up his sleeves, letting King see the scars that circled his forearms.

King let loose a soft gasp, his fingers lightly brushing over the scars, horrified at the thought of what Brooklyn could have gone through. He had seen the scars, but hadn't been brave enough to ask what they were.

"They removed my hands and replaced them with prostethics they had been creating in Biovolt."

At that, King pulled his husband into his arms, hugging him tightly as he cried again. He couldn't believe that Boris had been so cruel to Brooklyn.

Brooklyn held him close, gazing at his husband. In his opinion it was better than not having hands at all.

It took a long time before King finally recovered, his eyes hidden from Brooklyn's view by his silver bangs, realising once more that he hadn't known Brooklyn as well as he thought.

"It's nothing," he finally whispered.

"I know nothing," King murmured, lightly shaking his head.

"I hardly remember anything myself."

King gave a tired heavy sigh, running his fingers lightly through his hair.

Brooklyn reached down, holding him close as he kissed King gently. "You kept your promise."

King gazed over at Brooklyn without so much a smile, wondering what his husband could have meant, "What promise?"

"You promised to make me your bride."

King gave a small smile, gazing down slightly, "Yes...you're right."

He held King close, stroking his hair lightly.

King lightly closed his eyes, feeling the fingers gently moving through his hair and loving his husband's touch.

Taking his hand he kissed it lightly.

King kept his gaze on Brooklyn's hand, lightly closing his fingers around it.

Softly he held King close.

"I'll protect you from now on," King whispered softly, "You won't suffer anymore, I promise."

Brooklyn smiled at him. "I believe you."

King gently smiled, reaching up to kiss his husband, "Thank you."