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King [userpic]
RP Log: Brooklyn and King
by King (luster_eternity)
at February 18th, 2007 (03:39 pm)

Backdated to 14th February.

It was Valentine's day, a day Brooklyn had never celebrated in his life. He had never felt any need to. But now he had a husband. And he was at a loss.

King smiled, doing a thorough check one last time, satisfied with what he had for Brooklyn. Granted, most of them were not products of his efforts, and the ones that he had took pains to plant were only tiny shoots of plant. He sighed, wishing that he could have started on this project earlier as he returned back home.

Finally returning back home Brooklyn felt uneasy, not sure if King would like what he got him.

"Hey, Brooklyn," King smiled, excitedly taking his husband's hand, "I was wondering where you were."

Brooklyn smiled slightly at that. "I had to do some shopping," he said as he glanced down.

"I see," King smiled, holding his husband's hand tightly, "I have something to show you, will you come along with me?"

Brooklyn nodded briefly, following King. He wondered briefly if King thought any different of him now that he knew about his hands.

He anxiously pulled his husband towards the place, his heart beating in excitement, wondering what Brooklyn had to say about what he had prepared for him. Ever since knowing a little bit of Brooklyn's past, he had been depressed for a moment. He had not let the depression beat him down though, and certainly hadn't thought any different of his beloved husband.
"Here we are," he said proudly, stopping outside a small garden outside the building, with patches of brilliantly colored flowers and barely emerging shoots on the ground. He glanced over at Brooklyn for a moment, wondering what his reaction would be.

"It's wonderful," Brooklyn whispered as he reached over, holding King's hand.

He smiled proudly at that, squeezing Brooklyn's hand lightly, "You like it?"

"Yes," leaning down he kissed King.

"I'm glad," King smiled happily, returning the kiss. Though getting permission to acquire the land for a garden had been a lot simpler than he had thought, everything else was much more difficult, from clearing up the weeds and garbage to planting the seeds and ensuring that the seeds had germinated.

Brooklyn smiled slightly. "You did a wonderful job."

King gave a small smile at that, "I think I could have done it better."

Leaning down Brooklyn pulled him close, kissing him once more.

King smiled against his husband's lips, pressing close to him and returning the kiss.

Reaching up he stroked King's hair as he brought out a wrapped gift.

King raised an eyebrow as his gaze fell on the wrapped gift, glancing up quizzically at Brooklyn for a moment.

Inside was a ring shaped like a vine with soft leaves made of diamonds. "I thought you might like an actual wedding ring."

King stared hard at the gift for a moment, gently taking it and holding it between his fingers, feeling the cool diamond against his skin and making sure that he wasn't dreaming, "Brooklyn, this..."

Brooklyn glanced down at that. "It isn't much."

A gentle smile passed over his lips, reaching over and kissing his husband, "Thank you so much. I love it."

Brooklyn smiled in return as he reached over, holding King close.

"It's beautiful," King whispered with a smile, putting it onto his ring finger, "Thank you."

He held him, stroking King's back lightly.

He reached over, hugging his husband tightly and kissing him again, smiling happily.

Brooklyn held him close as he relaxed into the close warmth of his husband.

He smiled as he gently kissed his husband, gazing at him, "Is there anywhere you'd like to go to today?"

"I'd rather stay inside."

"Of course," King laughed softly, grasping Brooklyn's hand and making their way up.

Brooklyn led him to the the couch, offering his hand to King as he pulled him close.

King smiled, taking his husband's hand and sitting next to Brooklyn, pressing close to him. He loved the soft warmth from his husband's body.

"I love you," he whispered as he held King close.

"I love you too," King smiled, kissing him gently.

Brooklyn held him in his arms, nestling lightly against King.

King gave a slight smile, moving and sitting on Brooklyn's lap.

Brookly was a bit shocked by the movement as he glanced at King but then relaxed.

He gently shifted for a moment, resting his weight on Brooklyn's crotch, nuzzling back at him with a smile.

Brooklyn moaned lightly at that, pressing into a firm kiss.

He smiled against his husband's soft sweet lips, pressing back against him and rubbing his ass lightly against Brooklyn's crotch, one hand stroking the soft ginger hair.

Brooklyn press against him, lying down and pulling King on top of him.

King smiled as he pressed eagerly against his husband, rubbing his body gently against him.

Brooklyn reached up, pulling him close as he moaned against him.

Pulling his husband up, King brought him into his arms, carrying him into their shared room.

Brooklyn reached down, undoing his shirt and letting it drop to the floor as he lay back on the bed.

Pressing excitedly against Brooklyn, King crawled on top of his husband, gazing down at him with a smile as his fingers lightly stroked the smooth abs, his thumbs pressing against the pinkish nipples.

He moaned lightly, pleasure washing over him.

His hand rubbed over the smooth soft skin, trailing down to Brooklyn's crotch, pressing thoughtfully against it for a moment. With his other hand, King slowly undid his own shirt, tossing it onto the ground next to Brooklyn's.

He gasped lightly, panting as he shut his eyes, the pleasure increasing as Brooklyn reached for King's shirt.

King raised an eyebrow as he watched Brooklyn reach for him, promptly grabbing his husband's hand and licking at his fingers, bringing it between his lips. He pressed his knee against Brooklyn's crotch, grinding hard against it.

Lightly Brooklyn brushed his fingers over King's lips before kissing him deeply.

He sucked lightly on Brooklyn's fingers, his tongue curling around it before releasing it. He reached up as he felt Brooklyn's lips on his own, pressing back eagerly against his husband and eating at the soft sweet lips. One hand trailing down again towards Brooklyn's crotch, he ground hard against it, his fingers deftly undoing the button and zip.

Brooklyn pressed back, kissing him deeply as he reached for King, undoing his pants as well.

Pulling Brooklyn's pants off, King slipped a hand into his husband's boxers, his fingers stroking the warm length.

Brooklyn moaned lightly at that, gasping as he pressed firmly against King's body.

Removing his husband's boxers as well, King continued stroking Brooklyn's cock, gently retracting the foreskin and taking his husband's revealed tip between his fingers.

He clenched his jaw slightly at that, the pleasure overwhelming him.

He moved down, lightly licking at Brooklyn's tip before taking him into his arms, carrying him towards the washroom.

Brooklyn glanced up at that. "King... what are you doing?"

King smiled lightly, reaching up and kissing his husband, supporting him as he sat Brooklyn on the sink, switching on the cold tap water.

Brooklyn glanced down, seeing his husband as he pressed close to King.

"Relax," King whispered, his lips brushing over Brooklyn's cheek and positioning his husband so that the cold water ran down between his lover's ass and over his tight entrance.

He gasped lightly in response at that, feeling the cold running over his hot skin.

King smiled, his fingers reaching for his husband's entrance, letting the water wash over his fingers and running them over Brooklyn's ring of muscles.

He clenched his eyes for a moment as he pressed back briefly against King's touch.

He gently licked at his husband's lips, his finger pressed lightly against his husband's ring of muscles.

Leaning forward he kissed King back, his tongue sliding between his husband's lips.

King smiled as he felt Brooklyn's reaction, his tongue wrapping around his husband's, massaging Brooklyn's entrance again to alert him before finally pushing it into his tight body.

His muscles clenched lightly around his finger briefly with a soft moan.

King pressed deeper into their kiss, wanting to distract Brooklyn from the intrusion. He sucked eagerly on Brooklyn's tongue, moaning softly as he pressed another finger into his husband's body, stretching him.

Relaxing slightly he pressed close, his tongue wandering briefly over King's.

His other hand still securing Brooklyn's waist as he held him close, King finally pressed in the third finger, slick from the cold water, into Brooklyn's body, stretching his husband as much as possible without hurting him.

Brooklyn was relaxed as he arched into King's touch, moaning lightly.

Having stretched his husband fully, King finally carried Brooklyn away from the sink, turning off the tap and placing his beloved husband on the bed. He reached out for the lube, lovingly stroking Brooklyn's ass, "Get on fours."

"What?" Brooklyn blinked at that. This was going too far.

King raised an eyebrow, glancing down at Brooklyn, "You're not comfortable with it?"

"No," he said, glancing over at him for a moment.

Nodding at that, he gently pulled Brooklyn close to him so that his husband's back rubbed against his front. Applying the lube to his cock and to his husband's entrance, he gently licked and kissed at the psychic's neck, nuzzling at the soft skin.

Brooklyn panted lightly, shutting his eyes as he felt King enter him.

His arms wrapped around Brooklyn and holding him close, King let his other hand drop to Brooklyn's cock, gently stroking at it as he pressed in, moaning softly as his thick cock entered the tight hot entrance.

Feeling King inside of him Brooklyn gave a brief nod, letting him know he was alright and needed more.

King nodded back as he panted, slowly pushing fully into his husband's body, groaning softly as he felt the muscles clenching lightly around his length.

He pressed back against King, gasping lightly, urging him to move.

He nipped lightly at Brooklyn's neck and nodded again, gently beginning to move, easily seeking out Brooklyn's core and hitting it hard, his hand still pleasuring Brooklyn's cock.

Crying out softly he felt the impact as he tossed his head back.

King smiled as he panted loudly, thrusting in again and hitting Brooklyn's core.

The pleasure overwhelmed his mind, feeling it build to immense proportions.

King moved desperately, his tip rubbing against Brooklyn's core with every thrust into his husband's pliant body, his lips parted from the pleasure.

His body arched slightly, the pleasure building even more as Brooklyn pressed into King's hand.

He squeezed and rubbed his hand over Brooklyn's length, moans and pants escaping his lips as he thrusted deeply into his husband's body, striking Brooklyn's pleasure point again.

The pleasure continued to build, overwhelming him until it was almost too much to take.

King's pants and cries grew louder with each thrust into the tight hot muscles, impaling his husband again as his fingers rubbed incessantly against the heated flesh of Brooklyn's cock.

Pressing back Brooklyn reached down, stroking his own length.

King panted loudly, nearing his climax rapidly as he continued moving, thrusting into his husband's beautiful body.

With a loud cry Brooklyn released into his hands before melting against King's body.

King cried out loud as well, thrusting fully into Brooklyn's body and releasing into him, panting as he lay tiredly against the sheets.

Collapsing beside him he shut his eyes, panting lightly.

King pressed against his husband, his breaths coming out in short loud pants, kissing his neck before pulling out from Brooklyn's body, holding him tightly.

Resting against him Brooklyn shut his eyes for a moment.

"I love you," King whispered, bringing his fingers to his lips and licking at his husband's release.

Brooklyn was resting against him, his head pillowed against King's chest as he slept soundly.

King sighed softly as he watched Brooklyn sleep against him, a little disappointed that his husband hadn't said anything. Holding his husband close, King watched him quietly before finally closing his eyes and drifting to sleep.