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King [userpic]
by King (luster_eternity)
at December 30th, 2006 (09:45 pm)

Backdated to 25 December.
Rated NC-17

The holidays had come closer and still Brooklyn had no idea what to do to celebrate with his new husband. He still wasn't sure he knew King well enough for something like that.

King glanced down at the barely-there white satin g-string for a moment, wondering how well Brooklyn would take it if he was to wrap it up and give it to the other as a joke of a present. He had prepared his other actual gift, and now it was just this g-string.
On one hand, it would be fun to watch Brooklyn blush as he picked up the flimsy underwear. On the other, he could end up getting locked out of the room for the night.

Brooklyn sat on the couch, gazing ahead for a moment as he smiled slightly, gazing towards the door, waiting for King to appear.

Finally deciding to give it to Brooklyn anyway, King wrapped it up securely, sighing as he left it on Brooklyn's side of the bed, getting up and making his way to the couch. He smiled as his gaze landed on Brooklyn, sitting beside him.

"So you're finally out," Brooklyn said, turning to gaze at King.

He smiled at that, gently wrapping his arms around Brooklyn, "You missed me?"

He smiled in return, turning to gaze at King, studying him for a moment. "Perhaps."

He chuckled softly with a slight nod, pressing close to his husband for a moment.

He leaned against King, shutting his eyes for a moment as he smiled. Reaching down he took his hand.

"Your presents are on the bed," King whispered into Brooklyn's ear, nuzzling lightly at his husband, "But you already knew that, don't you?"

"Yes..." he gave a brief nod, gazing at King.

King smiled at that, holding Brooklyn close, "Good."

Stretching slightly he leaned back into King's arms, smiling gently.

King closed his eyes for a moment as he smiled, leaning against Brooklyn's warm body.

Reaching up he brushed his fingers through King's hair, gazing at him.

King opened his eyes at the feel of the fingers threading through his hair, smiling at Brooklyn and enjoying the gentle touch.

Reaching up he kissed King gently, gazing at his husband.

He smiled, returning the kiss, "Wanna go open your presents?"

"I have something for you as well."

He raised an eyebrow at that, gazing down at Brooklyn, "What is it?"

"You'll get it soon enough," reaching down Brooklyn took King's hand.

He chuckled at that, nodding quietly as he gazed at his husband.

He leaned forward, kissing King briefly.

"Not going to go open them?"

"Soon enough, if you'll be paitent."

King sighed with a smile, nodding as he leaned back against the couch.

Finally Brooklyn stood up, heading towards their shared room.

Watching as Brooklyn stood up, King got up as well, following his husband into their room.

Reaching down Brooklyn took his hands, walking beside him.

King smiled as he held Brooklyn's hand gently, glancing in and seeing a large flat present with the smaller red bundle on Brooklyn's side of the bed.

He reached into his pocket, handing a small wrapped gift to King.

King smiled gently, receiving the gift from his husband, "Thank you."

"Why don't you open it?" Brooklyn asked, gazing at King.

"Sure," King reached over, kissing his husband gently before turning his attention towards the present, slowly opening it.

Brooklyn gazed down for a moment. He didn't know if King would like the necklace.

King smiled as his gaze fell on the beautiful necklace, taking it out and admiring it, "It's beautiful."

"Then you like it?" Brooklyn asked, gazing at him.

He chuckled, glancing over at Brooklyn and proceeding to put it on, "Of course."

He smiled gently at that, gazing at King.

Gazing down and stroking the necklace fondly, King finally glanced over at his husband, "Ready to open yours?"

"Yes," he said, giving a nod.

King smiled at that, walking over and sitting on the bed, waiting for Brooklyn to open his gifts.

Brooklyn reached down, taking one of the gifts.

King raised an eyebrow for a moment, wondering if Brooklyn was going to open the larger or the smaller present first.

Brooklyn decided on the larger one, not sure he trusted the smaller one.

He gave a slight smile, watching the wrapping paper being taken away to reveal a framed and completed 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle, showing a group of snow-white doves in flight.

He smiled slightly, gazing at it. "It's beautiful."

"Do you like it?"

King gave a smile at that, gazing down at his feet, "I'm glad."

Lifting his head he kissed King lightly.

Smiling, King returned the kiss as well, gazing at his husband for a moment.

Reaching down he took King's hand, kissing him lightly.

He gently pressed back into the kiss, squeezing Brooklyn's hand tightly.

Gently he stroked King's hair. "Thank you," he whisptered against his lips.

He smiled, kissing Brooklyn lightly, "You're welcome."

Brooklyn wrapped his arms around King, leaning against him.

King smiled, holding Brooklyn as his gaze flickered over to the smaller bundle, "Dare you open that?"

He smiled slightly. "I don't know."

He chuckled at that, nodding slightly.

He finally took the present, opening it finally as he stared down.

King sucked in a deep breath, glancing over at Brooklyn's face and watching for his reaction as the white g-string was finally revealed.

His face paled slightly before turning red, shooting King a look.

King gave a slight smile, trying hard not to chuckle as he reached over, kissing Brooklyn's heated cheeks.

His gaze stayed on King before sighing and shaking his head.

King raised an eyebrow, wondering what that was about, "Don't like it?"

He sighed slightly at that, studying King for a moment.

King frowned lightly, his eyes on Brooklyn, "Yes?"

"I'm not wearing it," Brooklyn finally said.

He smiled at that, "I kinda figured too."

"Then why get it if you already knew? Or is it for you to wear?"

"I just want to see you blush," King chuckled half in jest as he reached over, kissing Brooklyn, "And if you want me to wear it that bad, then make me."

"I don't think it will be that hard."

"Try me."

Brooklyn smiled slightly with a brief shrug, gazing at King.

King smiled back, glancing over at Brooklyn and wondering what he was going to do.

Leaning towards him Brooklyn pulled his husband into a deep kiss.

He chuckled as he felt Brooklyn's body pressing against himself, wrapping his arms around his husband as he pressed deeply into their kiss.

He pressed back against King, deepening the kiss slightly.

Placing the jigsaw and the g-string away, King gently lowered Brooklyn onto the bed, leaning over him and kissing him eagerly.

He buried his fingers in King's hair, pulling him down as the kisses continued.

Pressing down on Brooklyn and reaching for the psychic's jacket, King deftly undid the buttons, pulling them away as he licked at Brooklyn's lips, wanting more from his husband.

He panted lightly, pulling off King's clothes just as easily.

He smiled as he felt his clothes slide off, slipping one hand under Brooklyn's t-shirt to feel his smooth stomach, breaking off their kiss as he pulled the shirt up, licking lightly at his husband's navel.

He gave a slight gasp in return, arching against King's body as he dropped the shirt to the floor.

His lips caressing his husband's soft skin, he gently unzipped Brooklyn's pants, reaching in to pull the psychic's boxers down as much as he could, his fingers brushing lightly over his husband's soft length.

He pressed into King's hand, rubbing against it as he reached down, undoing King's pants.

Kissing the soft skin briefly, King took Brooklyn's length out, pressing his lips to it and massaging it hard.

He groaned in return, pressing his cock against King's lips, rubbing against them.

He smiled at that, pressing his lips to the slowly hardening cock, his tongue trailing lovingly over the warm skin.

Reaching up he grasped King's ass, pressing against him in pleasure as he moaned lightly, grinding his body against King's.

King gave a soft moan, feeling his husband's hand on his ass, still licking and sucking on Brooklyn's cock to arouse his husband.

He gasped lightly, pressing against his lips before flipping King over and kissing him firmly.

King raised an eyebrow as he felt Brooklyn flip him over, reaching up and exchanging their positions again as he pressed kisses to the other's lips.

Brooklyn pressed against him, kissing him hungrily, repeatedly as his hands wandered King's body.

He smiled against Brooklyn's lips, feeling his husband's hands on his body, reaching down and stroking Brooklyn's length, "Let's see how many times you can come today."

Brooklyn smiled slightly at that, rubbing hard against King's hands. "More than you."

King chuckled at that, reaching down and stroking his lover's hard cock forcefully. "The other time you came 3 times, let's see if you can do better."

Instantly Brooklyn pushed into his hand, leaning up to kiss King harshly in response.

He returned the kisses desperately and forcefully, grinding against his husband's arousal, trying to bring him to orgasm.

Brooklyn felt his cock begin to ache in response, moaning lightly at each touch.

He smiled as he heard the soft moans, squeezing harder at Brooklyn's cock.

He gasped, arching up into each touch as he clung to King, feeling his limit being pushed.

"Come for me, Brooklyn," King whispered, his thumb pressing and stroking his husband's tip, "Come."

He arched at that, gasping out loud as he panted, pressed against King.

He moved down, his gaze falling on Brooklyn's swollen tip, smiling as he continued stroking and kissing it, eagerly awaiting his husband's climax.

His body was wracked with pleasure, shutting his eyes for a moment as he gasped quietly.

Having taken to licking his husband's sensitive tip, King's tongue curled gently around it, his fingers still stroking at the hot rigid flesh.

That was nearly too much for Brooklyn to take, his mind reeling as precum dripped from his tip.

King smiled as he watched the pre-cum dripping from Brooklyn's tip, placing his lips on the slit and sucking out the liquid from his husband's cock.

Brooklyn gave a cry as he finally released into King's mouth, tossing his head back.

King happily sucked on his husband's cock, taking in and swallowing Brooklyn's essence, his tongue starting to grind against the sensitive tip around the ridge of Brooklyn's tip.

He buried his fingers into King's hair, arching up into each and every touch.

His tongue caressing and stroking the ridge joining the tip to the shaft, King sucked harder on his husband's length, stroking his balls lightly.

He tossed his head briefly to the side, moaning slightly in response as he held to King.

Grasping Brooklyn's hip, King took his husband fully into his mouth, his tongue wrapping around the shaft of his husband's length.

Brooklyn shut his eyes for a moment, the pleasure beginning to slowly overwhelm him.

He moved harder along Brooklyn's length, reaching down to undo his pants and eager to take his husband.

Reaching down Brooklyn slid his hands into King's pants, grasping his length.

King gasped loudly for a moment, feeling Brooklyn's fingers close around his throbbing length as he worked harder on his husband's length, wanting to bring him to climax once more.

Brooklyn felt the pleasure wrack his body, rubbing his hands hard over King's length, brushing over it.

King moaned loudly, pressing against his husband, rubbing their bodies together as he continued stroking Brooklyn.

Brooklyn pressed firmly against him, moaning lightly for a moment as he gasped.

Unable to take much more, King finally drew his hand away from Brooklyn's length, panting softly as he gazed down, reaching over for the lube.

Reaching up Brooklyn grasped King's ass, rubbing it lightly in response.

Coating his fingers with the lube, he reached down, stroking his husband's length as he slowly stroked at the tight entrance, pushing in a finger.

Brooklyn took a breath, relaxing his body as he gazed at King.

He smiled down at his lover, kissing him gently as he gently pressed in a second finger, stroking harder at Brooklyn's length.

Doing his best to block out the pain Brooklyn reached up, pulling King down into a deep kiss.

King eagerly pressed back into the kiss, stretching his husband gently to avoid hurting him before pressing in the third finger.

Brooklyn kissed him back just as hungrily, his arms wrapped around King, pressing close to him.

Stretching Brooklyn fully, King finally withdrew his fingers, placing his lube-covered tip against his husband's body, gazing down at him.

Arching slightly Brooklyn pressed up, trying to force King deeper into his waiting body.

King gave a soft moan, taking Brooklyn's length in his hand as he gently started to push in, the tight heat around his tip sending pleasure through his body.

Gasping slightly he pressed against King's hand, rubbing feverishly against him as he kissed him.

Panting loudly and entering Brooklyn's body fully, King gave a cry of pleasure, the tight muscles squeezing his sensitive aching length.

Brooklyn clenched his jaw slightly as he relaxed his muscles, waiting to get used to the pain.

He waited for his lover as he leaned against the other's body, panting loudly. The sheer tightness and heat was enough to push him towards his climax.

Panting slightly Brooklyn gave a nod. "Take me..."

"Brooklyn," King moaned, starting to move as he thrusted into his husband's body, "You're so tight...!"

Gasping slightly he clutched to King's hips, moaning in response to the hard thrusts.

King grit his teeth, his thrusts gaining in force as he pounded into his husband's body, crying out and panting loudly at every thrust.

Brooklyn arched his body in response, each thrust driving deeper into his body.

Crying out loudly, King thrusted deeper into Brooklyn's body, panting as he gripped Brooklyn's wrists, pinning them on the sides of his husband's head as he watched him, his tip hitting against Brooklyn's core.

He cried out in pleasure, pulling against King's grip before giving up, his lips clashing against his husband's.

Kissing his husband desperately, King continued hitting his husband's prostate, moaning out loud as he raced towards his climax.

Brooklyn gasped, feeling his end coming quickly. The pleasure swelled before he released.

King gasped, feeling the muscles tighten around him at Brooklyn's climax, thrusting in one last time and screaming as he came into his husband's body, laying on Brooklyn, exhausted.

Panting hard Brooklyn melted against his warm body, shutting his eyes for a moment.

Panting loudly, King slowly withdrew from his beloved husband's body, gazing down at him with a smile.

He nestled against King, panting as he pressed close to his warm body.

"Merry Christmas, Brooklyn," King whispered with a smile, gazing at his husband.

"And to you, my love," he smiled in return at him.

King smiled at that, holding his husband close as he closed his eyes, nuzzling at him lightly before falling asleep.