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Bryan [userpic]
RPG - BryanTala
by Bryan (typhon_falcon)
at December 30th, 2006 (07:58 pm)

This RPG takes place after Kai coming back in the house and right after this one.

And worksafe, even if they flirt and Bryan looks a little too hot.

Tala lazily dropped down onto the couch, in their living room, with a cup of coffee in hand. Kai had disappeared again, leaving only himself and Bryan to talk. He smiled at his team mate and patted the couch beside himself, inviting him to join. ''You know, Bry...we haven't really had a chance to talk yet.''

"True... But we weren't exactly all awake," replied Bryan. "Unlike most of the others, I had one bad jetlag, being used to Canada's time zone." He sat next to Tala, but not too close. He had chosen not to take coffee, not that he did like it, but no coffee was like Starbucks' coffee for him.

''Tell me about Canada...you didn't tell me much about your travels, on the phone...but I want to hear all about them...'' Tala shifted, and sat facing Bryan on the couch, as he leaned back against the arm rest. He sipped at his coffee, intent on listening to the stories his friend had to offer.

"Well... I've been living with in Toronto for a year and a half," said Bryan. "I was asked to work for the BBA to actually help and start up a league over there. But beside that, I traveled around. I went to Montreal, Ottawa and Vancouver. Mr. Dickenson wants to have Canadians bladers in the competition... But I had times to visit those cities. I had a heck of a time to Montreal... So difficult to get around.”

Tala would never admit it- but his knowledge of geography was poor. He had no idea where any of these locations were, except that they were all Canadian. ''Did you enjoy yourself?'' He asked yet another question, even though it was quite typical.

“Well… The work is good, but it’s nothing like home…” said Bryan. “And yea, I enjoyed what I did so far. I managed to meet a lot of people, even if some people were scared of me at first. That includes my roommate’s boyfriend.” That made him chuckled; the memory of Vincent was priceless when he first saw Bryan. The young man was a beyblade fan and knew of his reputation.

''So you were staying with a gay male?'' Tala asked very bluntly. He knew that Bryan was not judgmental, but it was never made clear to him, whether Bryan was...that way, or if he had found interest in the female gender.

“Yes, you don’t mind?” asked Bryan. “Beside, it’s not like it bothers me much.” He would admit out loud, but Bryan did consider himself bisexual. After the Abbey and BEGA had enough time to actually figured that part out and change a lot.

''No- I don't mind...I mean, we are staying with a gay male aren't we...'' Tala had meant Kai, who was more than happy to admit that he scored with Rei. ''It's your decision anyway, what you do... and who you do it with.'' He could not help but smirk at his last playful comment, but he tried to hide it, behind his coffee mug.

“Geez Tal… You actually THINK I did the deed?” said Bryan, faking a scandalized expression. “Who do you think I am? Beside, I knew about Kai’s orientation for a long time.” Tala implying that he would sleep with his roommate was just sick; he would clearly admit that his roommate, Carlos, was handsome, but that stopped there.

''Hey- you have changed quite a bit...'' Tala was amazed by his team mate's transformation- it seemed as if the years had treated him well. ''And what's with this modification?'' He reached out, and gently flicked the piercing adorning Bryan's lip. ''It's kinda hot...'' Tala was not going to admit it- but it was a lot more than hot. It was classified as a turn on, now.

“You mean the piercing? I felt like it,” he said. “Beside, being out of that Hell Hole for long just made things better.” And he would NEVER admit that the lip ring was there because he lost a bet against Carlos. “And you just changed the subject…”

''I know...I'm good at that.'' Tala grinned cheekily. ''I just can't help but be so curious over your changes...nothing that interesting happened on my side of the world...'' The redhead sighed into his warm mug. The last five years had been awkward for him- he found it hard adjusting to life, in his own apartment, alone, with a job and responsibilities.

“You talk as if this tournament was the only event that happens in these five years,” said Bryan. “And why are you so curious about my life? It’s not like I do something big. I work and I pay bills like very adult. I just decided to change the way I look a little.” It was true, and beside, it seems that Vincent and Carlos loved to dress him in more gothic/punk clothing.

''To be honest, yeah- this tournament is about the only interesting thing that's happened to me.'' Tala admitted to the sad truth, which was his life. ''That's why I'm curious...to see if anyone got to enjoy their lives...I know for sure that Kai and I didn't do much of that.''

Bryan just stared at Tala for a second. “Maybe I should have dragged you with me if you were so bored,” he said. And he wanted to say it was boring with no one of the old team around. He saw some of the AllStars during his staying in Canada (he often went to USA for business for the BBA), but beside that, nothing.

Tala wanted nothing more than to go with Bryan- but he knew better than that. Bryan deserved his freedom, and so Tala kept his mouth shut and stayed behind, as if their separation had not bothered him, like it truly did. ''You...deserved to be happy. Traveling obviously filled that void for you. I'm glad...'' Tala shifted away from his friend, and sat normally on the couch, as he stared down into his mug that was almost empty.

“He filled a void that I called knowledge and freedom,” said Bryan, looking at Tala. “But it can’t fill the place that you and the rest of the team have.” It was true. Even if he had a great roommate and that he happened to have develop a friendship with the boyfriend of the said roommate, Ian, Spencer, Tala and Kai had a big place in his heart. And sometimes, he wondered if Tala was more important.

''Thanks, Bry...I must admit...I did miss you, while you were out gallivanting on another continent...'' Tala turned and smiled for his friend. His comment was so heartfelt and sincere- it made his captain's heart find a little bit of happiness again.

Bryan couldn’t help to smile; Tala had missed him. “Bah! Maybe I should drag you with me when this tournament will be over,” he said, grinning. “And you’re welcome.” And he was happy to be with his teammates again; somehow, it made him feel more alive and more home.

''You're going back...?'' Tala tried to keep himself from frowning, and stop his voice from sounding disappointed. He had hoped that maybe Bryan would consider moving back to Russia, where everyone but he had stayed.

“Maybe for a few months… The time I ask for a transfer in Russia and get the ok to move back,” he said. He knew this piece of news would actually cheer up Tala. The team had scatter around the globe; Ian went in Ukraine, Spencer had been somewhere in Europe and Kai disappeared like he usually do.

''Well...whatever makes you happy...'' Tala placed his empty mug on the coffee table, and sighed as he leaned back into the couch, refusing to glance sideways. He was glad that his friends found happiness, even if it meant that he would sacrifice his own dreams, in the process.

Bryan looked at Tala; he wondered if Tala had been happy in the past few years, all alone in Russia. He knew that loneliness could take a toll on someone. It had been in case for the first four years before moving in Toronto. “Well, I’ll be happier in Russia, where my roots are more solid. I miss home too much,” he said.

''It missed you too...'' Tala knew that his statement sounded vague, but there was nothing else he could think of saying. He had missed Bryan more than anything, but he did not want to reveal such an intimate and hidden detail of his life. The only reason he came to the tournament was for him- considering he had retired his blade, a long while back.

“Well, it won’t miss me for too long then,” said Bryan with a smile. He wasn’t stupid, he had a vague idea that Tala was referring to himself, but to what point he meant it was blurry. “Let’s hope I get the chance to speak with Mr., Dickenson about the transfer during the tournament. The quicker I get the transfer, the quicker I get back home in Russia.” He missed being with Tala, simply talking like that. He missed everything that made it a home for him.

''Don't you miss the cold nights...and the constant snow? I wouldn't be able to live without them...'' Tala despised the warm weather- it made everything cling to him, even when he wore practically nothing. It was very uncomfortable, compared to the cold nights, when he could cuddle up to his thick blankets and seek warmth, rather than loathe it, from abundance.

“Well, I missed those nights when it was summer,” said Bryan. “You can’t imagine how hot and humid it can be in July. And beside, when it’s winter, it’s not as cold as home. So yes, I miss those too… That and the snow fights we had with Ian back then.” He remembered how much the four (and sometimes the five) of them had during winter times. Ian always seemed to love starting those fights.

''I haven't had a snowball fight since the last one...before you left, when we were all together. It was a lot of fun, ganging up on sourpuss like that...'' Tala smiled, as he remembered the nostalgic memory. The team had Kai surrounded, and pelted him with snow until he cursed at them, in every language he knew.

Bryan had to laugh at the memory; Kai had been so angry at them after that one. And some of them had paid the price; Ian and him had paid the price. But it had been a lot of fun. “But some of us paid for that. I still think Kai should have taken this fight as a game, not a serious offence.”

''He was just grumpy that he couldn't defend himself...'' Tala shrugged. Kai had been upset with them- but he was always temperamental. Only Tala really knew how Kai acted when he was enraged. He did after all, have a black eye for a few weeks after their first and last, physical encounter.

“True,” replied Bryan. He got up from the couch. “I’ll go change. I don’t think it’s not a good idea to stay in PJs all day.” He went to his room and search for something that covered him a little, but was still light for the weather. He found the shirt that Vincent had gave him before leaving. He grinned; it was perfect.

Tala had opted to do the same. He brought his empty mug into the kitchen, ignored Kai, who was sitting and reading the paper, before heading down the empty hallway. The redhead stopped at Bryan's door. If it was open, he would have peeked, but no such luck; the door was closed. He shrugged and ventured into his own temporary room, to find some appropriate clothes.

Bryan had opted for a dark red with fine fishnet sleeve – which could be considered black see-through sleeves – with a black pair of jeans. The shirt had a black falcon on his back. Vincent had thought that Bryan would love that shirt. He completed the outfit with a black belt and two large black bracelets and a pair of black boots.

He got out and got to the leaving room. Tala was gone. Probably went to change too, he thought. He sat and waited for the wolf to come down.

Tala sighed to himself, as he sat on the bed. He took a moment to simply contemplate before starting to rummage through his bag. The redhead found a comfortable pair of snug, white pants and opted for a black muscle shirt. He figured that the weather would be uncomfortable yet again, but there was no way in hell- not even if it froze over, like Russia, that he was going to wear shorts. There were a few red locks out of place, mainly on the side he slept, so with a little gel, and perfectionism, Tala fixed his hair and cleaned himself up, before heading back downstairs.

If Bryan had heard Tala coming down, he didn’t make a move. While he waited, he had grabbed a book and started to read. He felt that if Tala wanted to continue talking, he would just make sure he turned around.

Tala yawned and stretched again, as his shift began to ride up his stomach. He pulled it down, as he descended the stairs, deciding that he'd need another coffee, before his day really started. He was about to head into the kitchen, when he saw Bryan and so he stopped. Tala found himself staring. Bryan looked...so hot. The redhead could feel his cheeks burning. He was wearing fishnets, for Christ's sake- who would not want to jump that?!

Bryan started to feel someone’s eyes on him. He briefly looked and saw Tala with red cheek and doing a very good impression of a gold fish. He couldn’t help to smirk. “What’s wrong Tala?” he said, putting the book down.

''You- you're wearing fishnets?!'' Tala tried to compose himself, as he casually walked up to Bryan and pulled at the stringy material. ''I never thought I'd see the day...'' He chuckled and tried to act as if he was not completely attracted to the male, in that instance. He walked by, purposely swaying his hips- he tried not too, it just came out naturally and he cursed himself, as he headed to fetch another cup of coffee.

Bryan couldn’t help to smirk on Tala’s movements; sometimes he wondered if Tala knew he did that. “Than, thank my roommate and his boyfriend,” said Bryan, following Tala. “They filled half of my wardrobe with those.”

''I knew you liked fur- but fishnets too. People are going to start thinking that you're quite the kink.'' Tala knew that his comment was actually one of his own thoughts. He pored a coffee for himself and walked out of the kitchen again. Kai's groan was enough to say that he was not interested in their conversation- especially not about kink- or fishnets, though apparently, he liked fur as well.

“Since when do I ever care about what people said?” replied Bryan. “Beside, when you have the looks, why not show it?” True to be told, it took one roommate and his boyfriend to convince him that he was good looking. That and one Hell of a makeover from them.

''Why do you think I like snug pants?'' Tala grinned playfully, and winked, over his shoulder at Bryan, who had followed him out to the living room again, away from the sourpuss, in the kitchen. The redhead had been told on many occasions, that he had a sexy ass- and he was willing to flaunt it.

“Point proven,” added Bryan. He was really tempted to actually stare at Tala’s ass, but managed to restrain himself. “Beside you never had problems to show it to everyone. You always loved the attention it got you.”

''The only attention it ever got were whistles and hands. These baby blues are far more effective in seducing my prey...'' Tala playfully batted his eyelashes. He did not need fancy or sexy clothes to show off his features. He was naturally gorgeous- and he was not being boastful, vain or even cocky. He just knew. His looks had never gone to his head though, since they never got him the one person he truly wanted.

“I don’t doubt that,” replied Bryan, almost too amused. “But I’m getting curious, who would be that prey?” He vaguely wondered if he was the prey; Tala had started to be flirty with him. But he couldn’t deny that made him feel special.

''Anyone who wants to look into them...'' Tala lied, but the smirk on his face did not. He stared at Bryan, wondering if he'd stare back and take up the silent challenge. He could not help himself, from being playful, probably due to the fact that he had never seen Bryan look so sexy. He figured someone else would probably hit on his team mate, at least now; he'd have done it first.

“I’m sure that those crystal blue eyes could just hypnotize anyone,” said Bryan. In his mind, he was no exception. But he did fall into Tala’s little game, he looked at them, except that he restrained himself to get closer and actually kiss his wolf (yes, HIS wolf). He did not want to scare the other two team members. Beside, Tala would have to work to get a kiss from him.

''See...even you can't resist...'' It did not show on his features, but Tala fought hard to suppress the blush that threatened to make him look shy, when he wanted to appear confident and devious. Every ounce of courage that Tala had left, was used up, just so he could gaze into the silvery depths that always seemed to confuse him. He did not want to be the first to look away- but he wondered why Bryan was not reacting.

“I don’t deny that,” said Bryan, almost waiting for Tala to make another move. After a little while he lift on of his eyebrow, curious why Tala didn’t continue flirting. He smirked a little, almost tempted to actually start to flirt back. “Beside, I wonder who could resist you anyway.”

Tala looked away; the classic, innocent but devious gaze was not getting him anywhere. He tried not to look disappointed and avoid the blatant hint that he was infatuated with his team mate, who he thought, was not on the same level as himself. ''A lot of people, unfortunately...'' Tala did not often give up on his schemes, but he had. Bryan's answer made it evident that even though the redhead was tempting- it just wasn't enough.

Bryan knew that Tala was disappointed with his actions; Bryan was really attracted to Tala, but he loved to play hard to get. Many liked that, but it seemed that Tala might not like that. He came close and nudged softly Tala’s shoulder. “There’s always playing hard to get that works. I found that method more amusing,” said Bryan, hinting Tala that he had to work hard to get him.

Tala was way past the point of playing hard to get. He had liked Bryan, for the longest time now, ever since they were young, but no matter what he did, all the hints and flirting- they got him no where. He was literally going to have to shove Bryan into a wall and kiss him, just to get an answer that was evident. Their subtle game was getting them no where, and the redhead was getting irritated. ''It's only amusing, when you do it to someone else.''

That got Bryan frowning; Tala was this impatient to get him? He sighed; Bryan wanted to take his time and get used to be in the same household of his team. “It’s amusing because is can always prove if the person will continue or give up,” he said, stepping away. “Take it has a challenge.” He went toward the stairs. “I’m going to take Falborg for a spin, see you later.”

He left the room, getting his blade and his smokes.

The soft blue eyes glared at Bryan as he disappeared up the staircase. ''Pfft- give up? Like Fuck I'd give up. Not after 5 fucking years.'' Tala was obviously mad as he stormed into the kitchen, and dropped his mug into the sink, not caring whether it broke or not. He sighed loudly, in irritance. This game was easier for Bryan- and he was beginning to dislike how hard it was for him.


Posted by: Tala Ivanov (loneice_wolf)
Posted at: December 31st, 2006 02:54 am (UTC)

((OOC: YAY WE DID IT!!! We are SO going to win the SHMEXY/HOT/CUTE contest!!!))

Posted by: Bryan (typhon_falcon)
Posted at: December 31st, 2006 04:54 pm (UTC)

ooc: YES WE ARE!!!! And the next one we are preparing is going to win us our title!!! XDD

Posted by: Kai Hiwatari (spiral_survivor)
Posted at: January 1st, 2007 06:07 pm (UTC)


Posted by: Rei Kon (sexy_driger)
Posted at: January 2nd, 2007 12:58 am (UTC)

I'm on now!

by the way, where the hell is that Bryan and Kai one you keep on mentioning?

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