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Bryan [userpic]
RPG: BryanTala
by Bryan (typhon_falcon)
at January 3rd, 2007 (10:24 pm)

New Year's Eve Party at the BBoys household. And really... We win at this.
NC-17 for really HOT SCENE

Ian's party was obviously a success. Their whole place was swarming with bladers and some people he did not recognize. He was somewhat surprised though- who in their right mind would want to go to a party, hosted by the cruelest people, in the sport? He shrugged off the random thought and mingled with their guests. However, before long, Tala realized that there was someone missing- someone whom he had specifically told, to be ready and downstairs, by 9- sharp. The redhead sighed as drank the shot of vodka, as if it were water and headed upstairs. Someone was going to get his ass kicked. He purposely stormed off the stairs, knowing that his loud footsteps would alert the resident upstairs, obviously hiding out. He did not even bother knocking; instead, he simply walked inside Bryan's bedroom, with a fierce glare. ''Bryan freaking Kuznetsov! Get your hot-ass downstairs, right now!''

Bryan was fully dressed for the party, but that didn’t mean he was ready to go downstairs. He looked at Tala and almost choked; he looked gorgeous. Than again, he couldn’t be envious; he was wearing a black shirt that was decorate with a dark red Chinese dragon on his back with fishnet sleeve – thanks to his Canadian roommate – black fitting jeans. He had a black belt with a chain hanging. To complete the outfit, he wore his usual piercings, but he had 2 leather bracelets – one on each wrist – and a black chain that went three times around his neck before connected itself with a small silver ring.

He blinked before he got Tala’s word into his mind. “Why do I have to get downstairs again?” he said, before he smirked. “And did you just say that I had a hot ass?”

''Yes- yes I did. Now go flaunt it to our guests. My ass can't be doing all the work.'' Tala had realized what he said, added with the bad innuendo, and he began to laugh. ''That was good, wasn't it?'' He finally stopped, before he regained his serious composure again. ''You promised me you'd drink- so come have a drink. There's a bottle of vodka that a stashed away. 40 ouncer.'' He crossed his arms, over his chest, hidden by his navy shirt, with wolf paw prints splattered across it. On the back, there was the actual wolf.

Bryan just shook his head and started to laugh. “As if I like people to actually grope my ass…” he replied, passing Tala. “And if you want to take responsibility of what might happen if I drink too much, be my guest.” He was a little scared that he might do something stupid, but if Tala was involved in that, he wouldn’t mind too much. He waited by the stairs; he didn’t want to get down there alone, so he waited for Tala.

Tala joined him, and wordlessly, he cut in front and headed down first. He did so, mainly because he was smirking wildly. That had actually been...a little too easy. He had expected Bryan to protest but there was nothing but compliance. 'About time...' Tala mused to himself, as he joined the crowd of people again, dancing and cheering about their temporary residence.

Bryan knew this made Tala a little too happy; he had not protested about going and go party with the rest of them. But that doesn’t mean he liked the idea. He followed and when he reached downstairs, he could see how much this party was actually a success. Ian undone himself yet again, thought Bryan.

He looked around and saw that some of the bladders and other guests were staring at him; some with dislike and almost hate, but others with what seemed to be an interest that went along the idea of a chance of a one night stand. Bryan just frowned and went where the improvised bar was; he might need a drink after all.

Tala had departed from Bryan, even though, he'd occasionally glance back to where he knew the male would spend his night. He talked with other people- he had no problems socializing and danced for a good hour, before he desperately needed a drink. He headed behind the bar, waiting until Bryan was alone again, and whispered into his ear, over the loud music. ''Drunk yet?''

Bryan looked at Tala and grinned. “It takes more than 6 shooters of vodka to get me drunk you know,” he replied. Beside, some of the other guests had been kind enough to come and talked to him; he was surprised that some of them had actually talked to him. But he knew that a few of them had tried to flirt and get into his pants.

''Then let's make it seven.'' Tala found a shot glass and set it beside Bryan, who had a strong hold over the vodka bottle. ''That's only my third- it looks like I've got some catching up to do.'' The set of blue eyes wandered over Bryan's figure, as he busied himself with poring the shots of fourty-proof, clear liquor. ''Any interesting conversation, yet?''

“A few interesting conversation… But others were more interested to get me into there bed,” he said. He pored Tala a shot before putting the bottle between them. “At least some of them decided to be nice and come talk to me and not treat me as a psycho.”

''But you are psycho Bry- cheers to your insanity.'' Tala playfully clanged their small glasses together and downed the liquid in one straight shot. He expected to be glared at, for his cheeky comment, but before Bryan could protest, he added, ''You should invite them to your bed, it's not far...''

“As if I sleep with everything that is walking on two legs Tal,” he said, taking his seventh shot. “Beside, I rather sleep with someone I like than having a one night stand with that Michael guy.” And he rather slept with Tala he thought. And it’s not like the American blader didn’t try; he was one of the few that looked at Bryan with a lustful eyes.

Tala started laughing uncontrollably- everyone in room had probably heard him. ''Michael...that....American?!'' It took a long time for Tala to sober up from his laughing fit. It was just too priceless. He could not believe that that pompous, American, glitzy show off had even tried to hit on Bryan. There were tears in his eyes, from laughing so hard. He had not chuckled like that, in years.

He knew that was a laughable thing, but hearing Tala’s laughters was something that made Bryan feel special; he actually made Tala laugh. “Yes, the captain of the All Starz,” replied Bryan, smirking. “Don’t worry; he took a hike when he understood that I wasn’t interested.”

''Priceless...'' Tala kept smiling, as he pored them another shot of vodka. He'd need one, to get to imagine of Michael, trying to hit on Bryan. He drank the liquor, but this time is burned, going down. ''At least you didn't get groped- you know the one, with the hair like mine- but blonde...I think he's a bit out of it. He called me...Claude?''

“Don’t you mean Miguel?” he asked. Bryan was sure that Claude was actually the one with similar hair than he had, just more tamed. And just the thought of pesty European blader even tried made him frowned. He pored himself another shot and drank it in one movement. “And beside, it seems that some of them are already pretty drunk.”

''What a bunch of push-overs.'' Tala had been drinking all his life. It was a very sad truth- but he had no qualms with it. He had his first drink, vodka, when he was twelve and now, in his twenties, he had been drinking the Russian brew ever since. He knew that he and Bryan had only just gotten started. They had barely touched the bottle. The last time they got drunk together, was when they had left the Abbey and they finished the very same bottle, to themselves.

“Tala, not most of them are used to drink like we are,” said Bryan, taking another shot. But he wouldn’t admit that the last time he got drunk was right after the BEGA incident. He didn’t drink much ever since. “Beside, some of these guys don’t seem to know about alcohol much.”

''Oh well, we don't need them to have a good time...'' Tala stole the bottle back from Bryan and filled both glasses. However, before Bryan could take his own, Tala downed both drinks, one after the other. He smirked and handed back the glass to his friend. ''I don't suppose you'd come dance?''

Bryan just stared at Tala for a minute; did the wolf actually invite him to dance? He didn’t think twice before answering. “I don’t mind, but it’s only because you ask so nicely. And I where is the fun if you don’t get the attention?” he said, with a huge smirk. He was sure that he would get attention again.

Tala offered his hand to Bryan, with a coy smirk. The words of his team mate had had plenty of time to sink in. There was no way he was going to just quit, on Bryan- espescially when he could see the interest flowing in those mysterious, silvery depths. He was going to win; the wolf always won his battles. It's not like he would have accepted 'no' for an answer anyway. He'd had just dragged Bryan out there, instead.

Bryan followed, not saying a word. But he wonder, what will Tala was going to try this time. But as long as he had fun, it really didn’t matter. The music was a fast moving beat and it was loud. It reminded him of the traditional Friday night going out with Vincent and Carlos; they usually went to very popular club to dance and drink a little, mostly drinking for him and dancing for the other two. He did dance time to time, but not often. He looked at Tala; the red hair was looking at him. “Shall we?” he asked. He wanted to dance a little.

Tala took his hand, a very possessive move and headed to the other side of their little residence. The wolf knew that a lot of men never danced well. Some were not afraid to sway their hips a little and wiggle, whereas others had trouble finding the beat and rhythm of the music. Tala knew how to dance. He let go of the warm hand but stayed in front of Bryan, as he danced, as he normally would. He was going to ease into his new tactic, since Bryan was obviously not the type to move fast.

Bryan was just impressed; Tala not only knew how to dance, but he was just managed to almost stunt him. He shook his head and started dancing too. He wasn’t that bad, but it took time and a few kick on the ass of someone to actually be good enough to not be a laughing idiot. But there was one thing for sure; he was keeping a close eye on Tala.

The redhead was beginning to forget just who he was dancing with. He always lost himself in the music. He had even forgotten why they were partying. Oh yeah- it was New Years Eve. His blue eyes opened, after a few songs and he glanced at Bryan- whom he caught staring at him. He simply smirked and casually moved a little closer to the other male.

So busted, thought Bryan. He got caught staring at Tala by the said red hair. But he didn’t mind, he was even really happy that Tala decided to get closer for two reasons: 1: he wanted to be close to Tala and 2: he was getting lustful glance from Michael AND Garland. He didn’t like to be looked like that, especially since he hated to be considered like an easy target. And beside, Tala had his attention as long as he could remember. He decided to ignore the glances and decided to close the distance between them.

Tala's breathing hitched when Bryan suddenly stepped in closer. He kept smirking, nevertheless and acted as if nothing happened. The Wolf would never ever admit to being caught off guard, even for the slightest of seconds. He remained silent and let the music, and his hips speak for him. Besides, actions did speak louder than words.

Bryan continued to dance right beside Tala, enjoying the fact that, for once, they didn’t have to look so serious and have fun. But Bryan was now getting curious why Tala didn’t make a move to actually grab him.

Tala had decided to wait, for a more sensuous song, but when he felt some stranger fondle his backside, he stepped right up against Bryan, directly into his chest. At least Bryan was only getting perverted looks and not actual touches. Tala flushed immediately, no matter how hard he fought it and his eyes widened, but made no effort to move. Maybe like this, no one would touch him.

Bryan really wanted to go and punch the guy who ACTUALLY DARED to touch Tala, but decided against it. It was not every day that Tala was this close. He actually liked being this close to him. “You’re okay Tal?” he asked, making sure that the wolf was comfortable.

''Better now...'' Tala answered coyly as he slowly lifted a hand and placed it on Bryan's shoulder, as opposed to his chest- either way, he was enjoying it. He hated that he had to look up Bryan, which obviously gave his friend the upper hand, since he was almost a head taller than he, but in their current position, it was perfect for his innocent act. ''So, did your gay room mates teach you how to dance?''

“I have to admit to that,” said Bryan. “I was never a good dancer.” But who gave a damn about that anyway. And Bryan had not noticed the innocent act that Tala was pulling on him; he enjoyed the moment too much. “Beside, Vincent would just kick my ass if I embarrassed them on the dance floor.”

''At least I won't have to kick your ass...'' Tala chuckled playfully, though the conversation was simply a tactic to distract Bryan from the fact that his second hand had found its way to the male's shoulder and rested there. He wondered if Bryan had the guts to touch his waist and complete their position together.

Bryan did not hesitate to put his hands on Tala’s waist. It was a natural thing to do. “Because I’m good enough or for another reason?” he asked, almost playful. And right now, he didn’t not care if others were watching him and almost choking on their drinks.

''A little bit from column A, and a little from column B.'' Tala returned the smirk, curved into Bryan's mouth. If Bryan was not going to give him a straight answer, then he would not either. Tala figured that if he was interested, then all he would have to do is ask a little more. The redhead wasn't going to do all the work.

“Would this considered as the second option?” he asked. Before Tala could even answer, Bryan lightly kissed Tala’s lips. It was just enough to make Tala realized that he had been kissed, but not enough to take someone’s breathe away.

Tala's blue eyes had fluttered shut, as he expected to finally get what he had wanted. He had been patient for five years and finally- Tala suddenly looked up at Bryan, who had pulled back. That wasn't a kiss! That was teasing! Their lips had barely touched and yet, his heart had still stopped. ''Bry...'' He finally managed to whisper.

Bryan smirked and closed the distance between their bodies. “That should get away some of the perverts for a little while my wolf,” he whispered into Tala’s ear. But Bryan was not going to kiss Tala; the wolf will have to claim it. Maybe he had a few shots too much because he was in a teasing mood.

''You used a very possessive term...'' Once his heart had begun to beat again, it was erratic. Tala had referred to the little, and not very subtle ''my'' added to his statement. The warm breath to his ear had caused him to shiver- and if it wasn't for all the hints and flirting, which Bryan was employing- his frustrations (never-ending, it seemed) would have drove him to take drastic measures. It appeared as if he would not have too, since Bryan was teasing him.

And Bryan was fairing no better; Bryan’s heart was beating fast and it was not going to calm down any time soon. “And I don’t see you complaining about it,” replied Bryan, still whispering in Tala’s ear. He just gave a quick kiss on Tala’s jaw, just trying to get Tala a little frustrated; somehow, he knew this was the only way to get his wolf to react and act boldly.

''Why should I complain...I've gone far past that stage now...after five years, you tend me become patient...'' Tala murmured back his revelation, in a not so subtle way. His arms instinctively wrapped around Bryan's neck, as it felt like they had stopped dancing completely and were lost within their own moment.

They actually did stop dancing, but no one noticed, except the one that kept staring at them. Bryan was trying to get this in his head; Tala had waited for FIVE years for him. He really wondered if he should consider this as a sign to make his move. “You waited that long… Maybe someone has to do something about it?” he said.

Tala smiled genuinely. Bryan had given him consent. It was not like he needed it- but at least now he knew their little charade and game would end. The curve in his lips turned to a sly one, though, as he refused to wait any longer. Bryan was obviously hesitant, but with five years of frustration, built up, and shameless flirting, along with that teasing graze and peck, Tala was going to get what he wanted. He kissed Bryan- not lightly, or shyly, but with the passion of his emotions.

Bryan responded with passion equal to Tala’s. He didn’t care when they got cat calls for that. All he cared was that Tala was kissing him and he was not about to let go of Tala. He moaned when Tala started to play with his lip ring.

The redhead had been fascinated with the silver adornment to Bryan's lip. From the second he saw it, he wanted nothing more than to tug on it. He did, a little roughly, his way of parting Bryan's lips, so that he could dip his tongue inside. He could taste the remnants of vodka in his mouth- he tasted like a true Russian, even if he had left his home, a very long time ago.

Bryan was enjoying this kiss very much. Even if he didn’t like the fact that Tala seemed to enjoy tugging on his lip ring. The kiss was intense and he could taste the unique taste that was Tala – even if he had drink vodka before. What that Bryan didn’t notice was that some of the dancers had stop dancing and actually watch the two Russians kissing. And Ian was just snickered and nudged Spencer; both of the other Russians agree on something: it was about time.

Tala was not going to let the kiss end until he was completely satisfied by it- unlike the first kiss he received, which was nothing more than playful teasing. He finished the kiss, as he sucked on the silver hoop and pulled back from the swollen pair of red lips. Tala was smirking. It was about time.

Bryan’s breath was really short from the kiss. His mind was really incoherent right now. It took him a few moments to realize that many were looking at them. Bryan was restraining himself to actually not yell at some of them.

Tala suddenly felt very aware of all the eyes focused on them. If they were going to stare, then he was going to give them something to stare at. He leaned in and latched onto the piercing again, tugging Bryan forcefully into another kiss.

Bryan was not going to complain and just returned the kiss again. He will have to tell Tala not to tug his lip ring; it could hurt times to times if tugged to often. But complaining now would be stupid. He kissed him fiercely and managed his left hand under Tala’s shirt.

The wolf had not expected to feel the warm digits caress his flesh. He shivered and instinctively pressed himself further into Bryan. His own hand began to push through the silvery locks, and tangle in those at the back of his neck. Their kiss had gone from innocent, to practically a make out session.

Bryan was defiantly really happy that Tala got closer. He just decided to let his hand snake under the shirt. He could feel Tala shivered under his touches. It took a few minutes to break the kiss. “Maybe we could go upstairs, at least we would have a little privacy and no one interrupting us…” he said, whispering to Tala.

‘‘That means you’re drunk and horny?'' A red brow arched above his playful blue eyes, as he smirked teasingly at Bryan. He had used his words against him. ''Or shall we bring up the bottle?''

“You should know by now that it takes more than that to get me drunk,” said Bryan, with a smirk. “But I think we both agree, if we continue, it’s better be upstairs, in a room and no one seeing what we will do.”

''Mine or yours?'' Tala asked, as he took Bryan's hand- the one up his own shirt and lead him through the crowd. He stopped at the counter, briefly, stole the bottle of vodka that had been left untouched and started his route, upstairs, to their bedroom. He heard Ian pass a snarky comment, as they were leaving the party early but he did not care. He had everything he needed, in his hands.

“The one that is going to be the most far away from the party,” replied Bryan. He also had heard Ian’s comment, but sworn that Ian was going to get what he deserved next morning.

Tala found himself smirking as he headed up the staircase. Bryan's bedroom was furthest. It was amusing, really. He was going to have his way with Bryan, in his temporary bedroom. The wolf slowly turned the knob and walked inside. He was still trying to wrap his mind about what was happening. Everything he'd ever wanted...

Bryan just walked to his bed and sat on it. Maybe Tala was right, he was a little drunk, but not enough to not know what he was doing. He looked at Tala and wondered what he was thinking. “Tal?” he said, wondering if his wolf was starting to have second thoughts

Tala dropped down on the bed beside him, as he opened up the bottle and took a swig at the remainder of the liquid. ''Yeah, Bry?'' He licked his lips clean, as he looked over to his partner, with a cheeky grin.

“I was starting to wonder if you were having second thoughts,” he said, caressing Tala’s cheek. “You were not moving.” Bryan knew better; Tala never had second thoughts about things, this should be no difference.

''No...I just felt so happy, all of a sudden.'' The flesh flushed a light rosy shade, as Tala leaned into the warm touch. He had no idea that Bryan's hands were so soft. He moved over closer and smiled genuinely as proof.

“Good,” he added. Bryan was more than happy with Tala’s reaction to his touch. He lean closer to Tala and kiss him softly first, but with passion next. He wanted to continue to kiss Tala before drinking and do anything else.

Tala had dropped the bottle, on the bed, as his hand slowly reached over and cupped his cheek. He too was gentle at first, but when he felt Bryan's tongue, lap at his lips, along with the barbel through his tongue, he responded to the passion with an encouraging moan. The wolf had never before been so fascinated with silver and piercings. They were very, very sexy.

Bryan was more than happy to see that Tala responded and decided to slip his hand under his wolf’s shirt again. He could feel Tala’s warm skin and he wanted more. More of this warm and more of Tala’s responds.

Tala had always been a confident wolf and with that same proud streak, he shifted on the bed, until he was seated on Bryan's lap, straddling his waist. It was much more comfortable and allowed him to get much closer to the falcon. And he had done it all, without once breaking the kiss.

Bryan couldn’t help to moan; Tala moved on his lap didn’t help him at all, He was already a little horny and now, he was sure that his soon-to-be-boyfriend would notice the bulge in his pants. And now, he wanted Tala shirtless. He started to actually pull his wolf’s shirt off.

Tala separated from the kiss, as he felt his shirt being pulled above his head and tossed aside somewhere. He was smirking, as he teasingly moved around on Bryan's lap, until his fingers found the hem of the falcon's shirt. ''As sexy as you are with this on...I want it off...''

“And I’m not stopping you on this one,” replied Bryan. He let his wolf pulling his shirt off. He started to kiss his wolf again while touching his wolf’s skin, enjoying the feel of his skin under his touches. It was really surprising that even with some scars, Tala’s skin was smooth.

Tala ended the kiss chastely. He wanted to taste more of Bryan and not just his lips. He then began to trail his own pair, across his lover's cheek, until he found his ear and began to suck on the lobe. His fingers had audaciously begun to roam over the newly exposed flesh of his back, as he took in every scar and caressed each one, gently.

Bryan’s breath was caught; Tala touching his scars surprised him. After a while it made him moaned. The touch was gentle and it was somehow driving him a little crazy. He just did was almost natural, he went for Tala’s neck and started to gently kiss it.

Tala let out a startled moan. He had not expected to be distracted so soon, after beginning to nibble on his ear. The wolf continued to suck on the piercings and flesh, as he trailed a hand to Bryan's stomach and teasingly dipped his fingers beneath the rim of his pants.

Bryan was trying to not get distracted by Tala’s hand and continued to kiss his wolf’s neck. In a moment of pure passion, he bit Tala’s neck, near the shoulder, hard enough to actually draw blood from the tiny injury.

Tala tried very hard not to wince, as he felt the set of teeth piece his flesh. ''That your way of giving me a hickey?'' He asked, with a playful smirk, as he whispered the question into Bryan's ear.

“Maybe…” replied Bryan, panting. He let his own hand to actually go on Tala’s backside, under his pants, and groping his wolf’s ass. Right now, he wanted Tala so bad.

Tala pressed even closer to Bryan's bare chest, as he felt his hand cup his backside. He let out a faint groan and as his smirk became even cheekier, he pushed the falcon back onto the bed, until they were laying down. The wolf did not let up though- he nuzzled Bryan's neck and began to kiss along the flesh.

Bryan groaned loudly, enjoying Tala’s lips on his skin. “Fuck… Tal…” let Bryan out, along with a moan. The hand that wasn’t busy groping Tala’s ass went between their chest and Bryan started to caress Tala’s chest. He briefly touched one of Tala’s nipples.

Tala had propped himself up on one arm, as the other softly caressed his opposite shoulder. His mouth was preoccupied with leaving little red blotches on the skin, before he bit Bryan, in the same fashion. He lapped at the wound lightly, before deciding to kiss at his throat, intent on hearing Bryan moan again.

Bryan’s coherent mind had totally left when Tala bit him and continued to kiss him around the neck area. But Bryan had enough; the hand that was on Tala’s ass went on the crotch. He wanted to make Tala his.

Tala could not help but moan- and loudly at that, when he felt the warm hand shift from back to front. His cheeks flushed a brilliant red, as he had already been hard, in the first place. His fingers dug into the flesh, at Bryan's shoulder, as he murmured his name, in pleasure. ''Bry...''

“Yes?” said Bryan, smirking. “You want something?” Somehow, he knew that Tala wanted this badly as he wanted it. He moved the hand in the pants again, feeling his lover a little.

''I want it all...'' Tala responded, in a raspy voice, as he felt a shiver run down his spine. He pressed more so against Bryan, as did his hips, to feel more of his hand. He wanted more, but right now, he needed more.

Bryan simply grinned and started to undo Tala’s pants. He wanted to see Tala naked before doing anything. He quickly got the pants off and looked at Tala. Seeing him like this was really a big turn on. He took Tala cock and started to touch it, making his rhythm slow at first.

Tala had found himself on his back, nude and blushing. He had watched Bryan though, stare over his body. He could see the lust in his lover's eyes. It was erotic. The touch however, was even more sensuous. He moaned breathlessly when Bryan touched him again, and his fingers began to clutch at the blankets beneath them.

Bryan continued to touch Tala, making his paste a little faster. “Tal… Want me inside?” he asked. Bryan was painfully hard already, but his wolf’s need was more important now and he was already incoherent because of the need.

Tala's lips parted, but at first, nothing came out, but a moan. His eyes fluttered open, after a moment, as Bryan's words were beginning to sink in. He murmured back, finally. ''Inside...of me?'' He asked, as he swallowed hard, looking up to Bryan.

Bryan looked at Tala, waiting for an answer. “Yes… Please Tala?” said Bryan. He didn’t want to pressure Tala, but Bryan really needed to do that with him. But he could see that Tala might not be that ready. “I’ll understand if you’re not ready for that…”

Tala had never before heard Bryan say please for anything. He felt a smile begin to surface on his lips. ''Bry...I'm more than ready.'' Tala answered him, as he slowly sat up. He kissed Bryan reassuringly, although, after a moment, he pulled back and murmured. ''But who said I'm going to let you go first...''

“I’m going to be on top Tal, rather you like it or not,” said Bryan, smirking. He was sure that Tala was ready to go all the way, but there was no way he was going to bottom. He made his paste harder and faster on Tala’s cock. He wanted to distract Tala from the thought of him being on the top.

''I'll like it- but I'm going first...'' Tala said, laced with a husky moan. Although the feeling was so pleasing, he was not going to let it distract him. He continued to sit up and attempted to distract his lover, with his own sly move. The wolf leaned in, and kissed Bryan, before tugging on the ring, in his lip.

Bryan moaned when Tala tugged his lip ring, but he was not going to get distracted either. He decided to push down on the bed Tala again. He tried, while Tala was a little distracted, to reach his nightstand and grab something to use to prepare Tala.

The redhead opened his eyes, in the kiss and when he saw Bryan, reaching over, he pushed on his lover's shoulders, they completely rolled over and he was on top again. He pulled back from the kiss, breathless, as he smirked triumphantly. ''Someone's eager...'' He mused aloud, as he moved down Bryan's body and began to undo the buckle on his pants.

“Better be prepared than sorry,” replied Bryan, trying to reverse their position again. He panted a little, feeling Tala’s hands working wonders with his pants. Bryan managed to get some hand lotion from his nightstand and put it really near from them, just in case.

''I can see you...'' Tala chuckled, as he had been watching Bryan, from the corner of his eye. He saw the small bottle and smirked. At least it was near by, so he could always reach for it. He finally slipped off Bryan's pants, along with his boxers and took a moment to stare. He really could see him, all of him.

“And you like what you see?” asked Bryan, almost amused, but very, very horny. It was now Bryan’s turn to see the lust in Tala’s eyes. He could understand very well what his wolf was feeling. He dragged Tala close to him and started to kiss him. He couldn’t get enough of him.

Tala's response, a blatant yes, was evident, in their kiss. He was content with being on top and pressed so close to Bryan's body. The feeling was no longer warm, but hot. The heat was so enticing and overwhelming and just like Bryan had tried, Tala reached out for the tiny bottle.

Bryan had one eye opened; he could tell that Tala was trying to reach to the lotion. He took the opportunity to switch their positions; there was no way Tala was going to be on top. We quickly grabbed the lotion and put it away from Tala.

Tala tried to keep himself from laughing but it was not working. Bryan had caught him. ''I don't need it...'' He said to his falcon, with a smug grin, as he coated his own fingers in saliva and began to trail them down Bryan's chest.

Bryan let a moan go before coaxing his fingers with the lotion. “Maybe, but I don’t want to hurt you,” said Bryan. “And I don’t think either of us wants to explain Spencer or Ian why you can’t walk tomorrow.” His fingers coaxed with lotion, he putted one in Tala’s entrance and move it a bit.

Tala's mouth fell agape, as the foreign feeling filled his body. He frowned slightly, as he moved around, trying to adjust to the sensation. The wolf tried to stay as relaxed as possible, knowing that it would ease along the process. However, he did not want it to start just yet. ''Bryan...tell me this isn't going to be a one night stand...''

That made Bryan stop his movements a second. He looked at Tala, almost shocked that the wolf could actually say something like that. “Tala… Trust me, it’s not just a one night stand,” replied Bryan, looking directly at Tala’s eyes. He had love Tala for a long time now and he was not going to let Tala slip away.

''Good...because I...want to be your boyfriend, and I want you to be mine...'' The wolf lifted a hand and caressed it lovingly to Bryan's cheek. He had gotten a taste of him and he was not going to let him go. He refused to wait any longer, now that he had found happiness.

“I’m all yours my wolf,” said Bryan, kissing Tala on the lips. He started to move his finger into Tala, wanting to make him ready again. After a few moments, Bryan put a second finger, scissoring to stretch Tala and make him ready.

Tala kissed him right back, with all the passion he felt for Bryan, as he willingly wrapped his arms around his neck. He felt more than ready to begin, even if it meant being on the bottom. He knew that someday though, he would take Bryan- and it would be magnificent.

Bryan was more than happy to feel Tala’s respond to his kiss. He continued to kiss him and prepare him until he entered a third finger and finally thought that Tala was ready for him. He moved between Tala’s legs. “Ready Tal?” he asked, making sure that he was ready.

''Of course...'' Tala replied, with his usual, smug grin. He could not wait. He had already waited for so long. The wolf wanted to feel this, so badly. He even hooked a leg around Bryan's waist, bringing him down closer to their start.

Bryan just positioned himself correctly and went for it. He still went slow enough and made sure Tala was not suffering much; he didn’t want to hurt Tala while they do it.

Tala's fingers initially dug into Bryan's shoulders, during the first thrust, but the pain was meager. He had felt much worst before, and he wanted Bryan so badly that he would not let any pain ruin their moment.

Bryan stopped a little to let Tala to get used to him inside before moving in and out of Tala. It felt wonderful; Tala was tight around him and it was one of the greatest sensation ever. He started to move faster as his thoughts became more incoherent.

Tala let out a pleasured moan, and it was loud. He could not help himself- he hoped that no one was upstairs, or they'd be in for quite a treat. The wolf was breathless, as he murmured, ''Harder, Bry...'' He wanted to really feel it, every thrust and buck. His own hips began to follow in their sinful rhythm.

Bryan pinned Tala’s hips before trusting harder into his lover. This way, he could at least control where he was trusting and hitting. He felt that his climax was near and trusted harder and faster. “Tal… So close…” said Bryan. It was the only thing he could say coherently.

Tala dug his nails, down Bryan's back, as he moaned. His own hand ventured between them, and he began to stroke himself, in the heat of the moment. The passion was overwhelming. He knew that he was close as well and he purposely tightened himself around Bryan's erection, making the feeling incredibly pleasurable for both of them.

Bryan noticed, in a brief moment, that Tala was stroking himself. He was not letting that happen and moved Tala’s hand to replace it by his own, starting to stroke him fast. With all the feelings he was getting, he couldn’t help to moaned out loud too. He didn’t care if anyone could hear them. Suddenly, he moaned loudly; he had finally hit his climax.

It did not take much longer for Tala to climax. The thrusts and friction, between his legs, sent shivers all over his body. He buried his face into Bryan's neck, as he moaned in satisfaction. The sex...was...incredible. ''Bry...'' After a pause, he had finally regained his breath and managed to murmur his lover's name, into the silence.

Bryan, while catching his breath, move out of Tala and lay beside him, hugging him. “Tal… Love you” he finally said before kissing his wolf on the cheek.

Tala snuggled closer to Bryan, as their noses were touching. He brought a hand back up to his face and caressed his flushed cheek. ''Bry...I love you, too...'' He kissed his lips, lightly and lovingly.

Bryan replied to the kiss before breaking it. He gave a small squeeze and looked at Tala. “I’m happy… Happy that we finally are together…” said Bryan with a smile. He just snuggled to Tala, his head resting on his shoulder.

''I'm happy too...'' Tala breathed out, in a content sigh. He looked down at Bryan and smiled. He wasn't expecting Bryan to cuddle up to him- it was sweet. The wolf was going to make a cute remark, about their position but his watch began to beep a familiar sound. His blue eyes glanced at it and read the time. It was midnight... ''Happy New Years, Bryan...''


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Please don't turn a joke into a competition, you've already upset one member by your braggin.

Posted by: Bryan (typhon_falcon)
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Alright. Got it. Sorry.

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