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King [userpic]
RP Log: Brooklyn and King
by King (luster_eternity)
at January 22nd, 2007 (06:57 pm)

Smiling and gazing down at his sleeping husband, King gently pressed a kiss to Brooklyn's forehead, pulling the blankets over the psychic's body. Thinking that it was going to be a while before Brooklyn awoke, he pulled on a shirt and took some money, wanting to buy breakfast for both of them. Glancing over at Brooklyn once more, King smiled again, whispering a soft "I'll be back" before finally leaving their house, heading to buy some food.

Unfortunately Brooklyn ended up not sleeping very long. Stretching slightly he blinked his eyes open. glancing around.

Of course, King couldn't have known that Brooklyn was already awake. He took his own sweet time, walking around the stores and wondering what Brooklyn would like fore breakfast.

Brooklyn frowned as he glanced around. Where was King? Getting up he searched for a note.

There was no note, no indication of where King could have gone to.

Fear shot through his mind at that. Had King left him?

King frowned for a moment, still mentally debating with himself whether Brooklyn would prefer some toasts or something new.

Fear froze his mind, not being able to sense King anywhere nearby. At that Brooklyn crumple into the couch.

King smiled, finally having settled their breakfasts. He walked back home with the food in hand, briefly wondering if Brooklyn was already awake.

Brooklyn couldn't believe what had just happened. Of course he knew it was coming. It always did.

Sighing as he finally stepped up to the door, King fumbled for his keys for a moment, finally opening the door, a smile on his face as his gaze fell on Brooklyn.

"Where were you?" Brooklyn asked, staring at King.

"I went to buy breakfast," King raised an eyebrow, placing their breakfasts on the table as he sat down beside his husband.

"Oh," he whispered, staring at the food for a long moment.

"What's the matter?" King raised an eyebrow, gazing at his husband.

"I thought you left," at that Brooklyn turned away, not about to admit anything more.

King smiled at that, gently wrapping his arms around his husband, "And why do you think I'd do that?"

"I didn't know where you were," Brooklyn stared straight ahead at that.

King smiled apologetically, lightly kissing Brooklyn, "I won't do that again, I promise."

Brooklyn nodded slightly in return.

King chuckled, lightly nuzzling against Brooklyn's cheek, "Shall we have breakfast then?"

He nodded in return, glancing at the food. It had happened before, what would keep King from following suit?

Smiling at Brooklyn as he handed the toasts over to his husband, King had no idea of what Brooklyn was thinking, but he was curious as to why Brooklyn was so quick to jump to the conclusion that he had left him.

Brooklyn smiled gently in return, gazing over at him.

King smiled as he gazed over at his husband, gently taking a bite out of his own toast.

Brooklyn remained silent, eating his breakfast .

King remained quiet as well, quickly finishing off his toasts.

His eyes flickered up for a moment, gazing at King, the fear still on the edge of his mind.

Feeling Brooklyn's eyes on him, King turned and smiled at his husband, reaching over to hold Brooklyn's hand.

At the Brooklyn took it, smiling down at their joined hands.

King chuckled softly, reaching for his husband and holding him close, "I will never leave you."

"I've heard that one before."

King raised an eyebrow at that, gazing down at his husband for a moment.

Silently Brooklyn stood up, heading into the other room.

King's eyebrows furrowed with concern for a moment, getting up and following Brooklyn but standing at the door, his gaze on his husband. He wondered if he would be welcomed if he entered the room.

Brooklyn glanced up at King, not stopping him.

King gave a small smile as he sat next to Brooklyn, gazing at him.

"I was left before," he whispered, gazing ahead.

King gazed at Brooklyn, reaching over for his husband's hand and waiting for him to continue.

"Everyone leaves me, even my own parents left me."

King's eyes widened at that, gently wrapping his arms around his husband's body, "Why?"

"I'm different."

"And I don't mind one bit about that, remember?" King whispered softly, holding Brooklyn tightly.

"That's how it always starts," he whispered, staring straight ahead.

King sighed softly at that, keeping quiet as he continued to hold his husband.

Brooklyn leaned back, lying silently on the bed. He had never spoken of his past before.

King gently let his husband lie down on the bed, staring straight ahead. He knew that nothing he could say was going to make Brooklyn feel better.

He laid there for a moment, gazing up at King for a moment, figuring he had just ruined everything by telling King this.

"I know you probably would be sceptical of any promise that I'm going to make," King said softly, gazing over at Brooklyn, "But I'll let my actions speak for themselves. You'll see."

He smiled for a moment that that, sighing slightly in return.

King returned the slight smile, gazing straight ahead once more.

At that Brooklyn leaned against him, resting against King's chest.

King gazed down, smiling at Brooklyn and reaching to stroke his husband's hair, gently kissing him.

Brooklyn hardly blinked at that. "I never knew them."

King gently stroked Brooklyn's head, gazing at him and knowing what it meant.

Brooklyn smiled for a moment at that, leaning against King's body.

He smiled back at his husband, reaching down and lovingly kissing him.

At that Brooklyn took his hand. "He saved me from that life."

"Who?" King asked softly, gazing at Brooklyn.

"Boris," Brooklyn whispered at that.

King nodded slightly at that, suddenly realising that he hadn't know Brooklyn as well as he'd liked to think.

At that Brooklyn rested his head on King's lap, gazing at his husband.

King gave his husband a slight smile, running his fingers through Brooklyn's soft ginger hair. He still had a lot more to learn about Brooklyn before he could even claim that he knew his husband well.

"No one really knows," he murmured, gazing up at his husband.

"Know what?" King gazed down at his husband.

"Know me," he whispered, glancing up.

King smiled at that, "Then let me be the first to really know you...will you let me?"

"Yes," he said with a slight nod.

Nodding with a soft chuckle, King gently bent down to kiss his husband again, stroking his cheek lightly.

At that Brooklyn grabbed his hands, his fingers curling in King's.

King smiled gently, feeling Brooklyn's fingers curling around his own, pressing Brooklyn down against the bed.

"King?" Brooklyn began, raising an eyebrow.

King raised an eyebrow in return, gazing down at him, "Yes?"

"What are you up to?" He lifted his gaze towards King.

King smiled at that for a moment, "You have no mood for any fun?"

"I never said that, " he murmured.

King laughed softly at that, quickly unzipping Brooklyn's pants and reaching in to touch Brooklyn's clothed length, "Good."

Brooklyn moaned lightly into his mouth in return.

King smiled at the soft moan, lightly kissing his husband as he rubbed his fingers against Brooklyn's crotch, feeling his husband's length starting to thicken and become warmer.

He panted at that, gazing up at King for a long moment as he arched into his touch.

Trying to think of which toy to use for the day, King ground harder against the growing bulge, licking his lips and feeling his husband's hard length pressing against the fabric of the boxers.

Brooklyn moaned lightly in response, pressing against his hand.

King smiled gently, kissing his husband lovingy and pulling off the psychic's clothes, finally taking a vibrator from the drawer.

Brooklyn pressed back, rubbing his body against King's but paused as he saw the vibrator. He should have known.

King raised an eyebrow as he felt the sudden stop in the activities, gazing down at Brooklyn, "No toys for today?"

Brooklyn smiled gently at him. "Whatever you desire."

King gave a hesitant smile at that, starting to remove his clothes, "Don't hesitate to speak up if you're against anything."

Brooklyn nodded in return with a slight smile, arching against King.

He lightly stroked his half-hardened cock, grabbing the lube and pulling Brooklyn up to straddle his lap. He reached for his husband, kissing him eagerly as he lightly pressed a lube-coated finger to the tight entrance, massaging the ring of muscles lightly.

Brooklyn leaned forward, kissing him back hungrily as his hands wandered eagerly over King's body.

King pressed back deeply into the kiss, finally pressing in the first finger to stretch his husband's tight entrance.

His muscles unconciously tightened around his finger, clutching as he panted, resting against King's body.

Eating at Brooklyn's soft sweet lips, King reached down to stroke Brooklyn's erection, entering a second finger into Brooklyn and stretching him further.

Brooklyn kissed him back, parting his lips as he moaned at the touch to his aching cock.

His tongue moving and brushing over Brooklyn's soft inner mouth, King sighed as he continued stroking his lover, finally pressing in the third finger.

He gave a slight wince but other than that ignored it, his tongue wrapping around King's.

Sucking hard on his husband's tongue and tasting Brooklyn, King gently pulled his fingers out, continuing to kiss Brooklyn as he finally took the vibrating, switching it on and placing it against his husband's entrance.

Brooklyn gasped quietly feeling the throbbing move through his body.

King smiled, pushing the vibrator slightly deeper into his husband's body, watching Brooklyn's reaction.

Panting slightly he pressed back against it, burying his face against King's neck.

He lapped lightly at Brooklyn's earlobe, gently biting down on it. He finally switched off the vibrator, pressing it fully into his husband's body and adjusting it, trying to seek out Brooklyn's core.

Brooklyn gave a soft cry, feeling it against his prostate, sending the extreme pleasure coursing through his body.

Smiling at that, King pushed the vibrator in again, allowing its tip to press against Brooklyn's core before switching it on.

Brooklyn arched at that, the pleasure increasing tenfold in a moment.

Holding his husband close and watching him writhe in the holds of the pleasure, King reached down, stroking longingly at his own cock, wanting to take his husband right there and then.

Brooklyn panted as he pressed against King, rubbing back at him.

King groaned softly at the friction between their bodies, reaching for the vibrator and moving it in and out of Brooklyn's body.

He tossed his head back in response, not able to take much more.

He continued the thrusts of the vibrator, making sure that it hit Brooklyn's core with every thrust.

Brooklyn gave a cry as he released, no longer able to take it.

Finally removing the vibrator from Brooklyn's body, King handled his husband's softening length, stroking it hard again.

Brooklyn panted hard as he lay on the bed, gazing up at King for a moment.

King gazed back down at his beloved husband, leaning in and kissing him, his fingers still grinding hard against the length.

Arching slightly he pressed against his lover, rubbing harder against King.

King moaned softly, feeling their crotches grinding forcefully against each other, panting as his cock hardened to the point of discomfort.

Brooklyn pressed back, panting lightly. "Take me..." He murmured.

King cried out, nodding eagerly as he stroked harder at his husband's cock, smearing the lube over his own length.

Reaching up he clutched tightly to King,urging him onwards.

He panted loudly, clutching to his husband and placing his tip to Brooklyn's entrance, finally pushing in.

He cried quietly but then arched up, the feelings pushing him over the edge.

He cried out loudly at the tight feel of the muscles around him, panting loudly and pushing fully into his husband's tight body.

At that Brooklyn clung tightly to him, pressing against King's form.

He panted loudly, stroking his husband's length for a moment before beginning to move, thrusting lightly into Brooklyn's tight body.

Brooklyn pressed back against him rubbing hard against King's body as he pulled him close.

He groaned, the tight heat driving him mad. He pounded harder into Brooklyn's body, crying and panting as he raced towards his climax.

He softly cried out in pleasure, feeling his limit being pushed as he lifted his hips into the thrusts.

King held his husband's hand tightly, crying out as he thrusted harder into Brooklyn's body, hitting the psychic's core forcefully.

At that Brooklyn gasped, his body wracked with pleasure as he released with a loud cry.

King screamed at the intense pleasure, thrusting fully into Brooklyn's body and coming into him.

His body arched in pleasure, reaching up to clutch to King's body.

King panted loudly, gazing down at Brooklyn and feeling his husband's tight muscles gently loosen around his spent length.

At that Brooklyn collapsed onto the bed once more. "I love you," he murmured to King.

King smiled gently, pulling out of Brooklyn's body and rolling to his side, holding his husband tightly, "I love you too."

Brooklyn rested against him, quickly falling asleep in King's arms, feeling safer than ever.

King smiled, letting his husband sleep in his arms, making a promise never to leave Brooklyn as he pressed close, falling asleep soon after.